Ways to remove your fats

  1. Build conveyor belts that comes from a wall. Runs on the conveyor belt with harm intent. Being at Harm intent removes your nutrient level at double. (Just running works though, but conveyor belt looks funky.)

  2. Ask a doctor for Lipoplasty surgery.

  3. Ask a chemist for Lipolicide

  4. Use fat removal machine (but it kinda takes eternal to remove your fats, also needs to construct one.)

  5. Empty-clone yourself and transfer your brain into that one.

  6. Use a mutation toxin.

  7. Have a virus that removes your fat level (but this is destructive)

  8. Try xenobio thing

Aquire Nanites with Metabolic Synthesis.

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Didn’t know that first one, thanks!

Afaik those don’t actually drain nutrition.

they do, just slowly

Bro I read “Ways to remove your farts” and I almost had a heart attack.


Cannabis also contains Lipolicide. So if the chemist is busy, go to botany and ask to chew on a few leaves (they probably already grew some because, uh, weed funny? I don’t know.)


Die and take control of a ghost spawn. ez

Exercise Machines in a lot of station Dorms.

Mints remove fat people from the station, add that in! :blush:


When I am going to make a point on how open ended this game is… I’ll just show 'em this thread.

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