Warden of Round 16430 Player Report

   CKEY: Johanot

   Your Discord: Johanot#5455

   Offender’s CKEY: No idea

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Sol IV

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05.27.2020

   Round Number: 16430

   Rules Broken: whatever rule forbids being a shitsec

   Incident Description: I got basic department access from HoP as engi, went to sec entrance area to fuck around a bit. Spent, like, 2 minutes there (not disrupting literally anybody, mind you) and suddenly got chased by the warden and the detective. I didn't thought they were gonna arrest me cause 1. They didn't ask me to leave 2. I've already hit them a couple of times with a toy sword so I thought we were cool. Also I was carrying around a plant all that time. Got swiped by warden and arrested for no fucking reason for 5 minutes, while getting neck chopped so I don't tell anyone how much of a shitsec he is, warden shouting "SHUT UP" all the time, even took my headset in the cell and lung punched me for no reason, like, three times.

   Additional Information: I spent 5 minutes in jail and that changed me literally shaking and crying rn

there is no rule shitsec can be shitsec

my unimportant opinion: either this is
the gold standart of shitcurity that arrests people for 5-10 minutes just because,

or the OP missed something out on purpose. Feels like the latter tbh.

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if you run away they can arrest you for 5 min all they want cuz spess law rp says so

I thought we were playing tag, they neither asked me to leave nor started shooting at me with disablers.

Access is not authorization. Just because you have access to an area doesn’t mean that you are allowed to be there.

It seems reasonable that you would be arrested for loitering inside of the brig, especially after resisting arrest.