Waifuthread banned from Scilicones by cerebrallolzy

CKEY: Waifuthread

Admin’s CKEY: cerebrallolzy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? LRP

Ban Type: Job Ban

Ban Length: Permenant

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-08-09

Round ID: 19634

Ban Reason: “Siphoned air out of medbay because “station is slowly depressurizing anyways”. Has 3 prior bans and 2 notes on the same subject. Appeal when you’ve read https://wiki.beestation13.com/view/Silicon_policy 10 times.”

Appeal Reason: When i was siphoning, medbay was n2o flooded, the rest of station was a god damn hole, and medbay was at low pressure anyways. the only people in medbay at the time were gang, and even then they were all using Skinsuits and EVA gear already so it wasnt even causing harm.

also, the admin lied in the ban reason, stating i had 3 bans as A.I, and all of them were for similar reasons. which isn’t true at all, a simple look at my bans can show that i only had 2 A.I bans prior, one was for ignoring a law after 51 law changes that didnt even give me a chance to see what law had been changed, the other was an actual valid ban.

Additional Information: https://imgur.com/a/q4Kfpzg the state of the station just north of medbay, shortly after i got banned from A.I and deleted


Shouldn’t be a ban, the people were wearing protective gear and AI was taking out noxious gases

If you want to clean the air of dangerous gas, you don’t siphon you set the air alarms to contaminated.

Siphoning the air will remove both bad and good gases, and if the air supply pipes are broken, the air will not refill the area.

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I might be incorrect, but i believe that in some cases, Siphoning is the faster way to clean a room of gases (N2O takes forever to filter or something along those lines), altough that might have changed with fastmos?


Tbh Panic Siphon -> Refill is way faster than just setting the air alarms to contaminated and letting them filter on their own

Ah yes its waifuthread

During round 19634, N2O does not feature once in the atmos logs. Are you sure it was 19634?

Im pretttty sure? either that or im misremembering that there was n2o, i know there was something bad in medbay but im not really 100% sure what it was.

at any rate, everyone in medbay was wearing eva, space winds were everywhere in medbay. which honestly, if you ask me, is a good enough reason and situation to siphon. i think i also told them to turn on internals while i was siphoning, so no asimov laws would be broken.

Why is that a reason to siphon though?

Most likely to get rid of harmful gases.

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If the excuse that siphoning was okay is because everyone had protective gear, then leaving the N2O there (which doesnt cause harm by itself) is more of a valid choice because everyone already had protective gear. Siphoning probably caused more long term damage than expanded scrubbers with N2O scrubbing would have done.

Closing per request of banned player