Virology Removal: Feedback and issue thread

So, it’s been testmerged for a few days. If anyone has any input on my virology soft-removal, i’d appreciate it.

I’m also here to answer any questions on the topic. That said, i also wish to challenge you all to try and make viruses as viro is now, with only the capability to reduce to 4 symptoms, mix viruses, and use utility viruses like neutering. Note that many thresholds are currently easier, and their descriptions should reflect this. Symptoms at the top will always be removed first.

also, please offer feedback for any random virus events that occur, whether due to shared syringes or actual random event spawns.


Remove it harder


First I’m hearing of this! But I’ve not been active for a bit. Read the PR and logically understand why its being removed. Have to admit 9/10 it seems to be personal powergaming to get near godliness within the lines of breaking rules.
I also agree that nearly every virus outbreak I’ve encountered, bar 1 maybe, was curable via chemistry.

I tried virologist a handfull of times and tbh it was the most boring games I done. No interaction, requesting to try share “good” viruses to cmo went unnoticed or ignored. It’s peak autism fort if I’ve ever seen one (sorry those who like it). Even XENObio can provide some RP for research or assisting medical.

Looking forward to playing again and seeing the changes!

Dunno about viruses, I like how it’s been going, but:
Can you make it so that if the viro job is disabled, it boards up the virology wing? Just have all virology APCs off and unlocked, and boards spawned on the doors.
Would really add to the feel, y’know?

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‘virology removal’ was clickbait :frowning_face:

this will not be done in this PR, as mapping changes take forever to merge

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there is an error with the TM where symptom queuing doesnt work, making viruses a lot easier to make than they ought to be, looking into it

Aw, I thought you could maybe loop over the APCs and doors roundstart and spawn/modify them with code, that would be map-independent.

that is the intent, but I wont do it in this pr. It would still use a mapping helper that needs to be mapped in

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nevermind on this. stuff works fine on my end, must be a config issue

To my knowledge this hasn’t affected me in the slightest, but I did hear Zombification was going to become a desiese? and take a lot longer to set in? Idk, I like how zombies is

Sad to see it go, I had lots of fun as viro, and don’t quite understand why people hate it so much, but it is what it is.

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this change was reverted to my knowledge, or the event was kept at the very least

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viro is tons of fun for viro players, but so unfun for everyone else who has to fight a fully stacked viro player.

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So when are we removing nanites?

as soon as i can start working on the removal

the zombie event is unchanged, but zombification viruses can very rarely appear in the event pool

I am also sad to see it go. I was viro’s greatest warrior, back in the day…

but it was gonna be removed anyways. May as well be me doing it