VictorPride PlayerReport

In-game report:

   Title: VictorPride Player Report
   CKEY: DatBoiTim

   Your Discord: ◆ ◆ 0x99016F#3972

   Offender’s CKEY: VictorPride

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Zane Blake

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-24-2020

   Round Number: 25375

   Rules Broken: 14. Do your Job

Incident Description: Went into command room on shuttle. Was flashed, cuffed and dragged to shuttle brig. Someone unleashed an N20 flood which got into shuttle brig. I was not provided internals, nor relocated to a room with a safe to breathe atmosphere. By the time the round ended, I was in crit from the oxyloss.

Additional Information: This is a direct violation of Rule 14 under which Space Law(as enforced and required on MRP) was ignored. Specifically “Immediate threat to the prisoner|The singularity eats something near the brig, an explosion goes off, etc.|Officer must relocate the prisoner(s) to a safe location; otherwise, immediate release.”

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Everyone in the shuttle got knocked out from N2O, so I first dragged one person into the shuttle brig where there was less N2O and they soon after woke up. From that I presumed that the shuttle brig had sufficient oxygen to be breathable so you might be knocked out at most but at least getting oxygen.

After that I was dealing with the immediate threat which was the borg who gassed everyone. I prioritised the threat who sabotaged the shuttle, and could potentially harm people even more first since that’s a threat that as one of the few people awake I could still deal with.


How exactly would you go about releasing someone to a safer location in the event the entire shuttle you are confined to is unsafe?


Maybe he wanted the officer to throw him out the airlock?


It feels like Very petty and unnecessary report.

Edit. This round was a mess.
And I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone was confused what is even going on around.

Honestly, if you try to save like 30 people and yourself who are on the shuttle it’s easy to forget about this one prisoner.

I doubt it was done out of malicious intent.


Internals were still an option.

It’s worth he was still in shuttle brig for a period of time after I went unconcious. Time enough to sort it out and put internals on me.

He doesn’t have medical HUD, he doesn’t know you’re dying, all because you know you’re dying doesn’t mean others do. Take yourself out of the situation.

This report is petty and you’re only doing this to get back at him because he arrested you.

Sleep off your vindictive desire for a day, you’ll forget who you were even mad at.

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By the sounds of it, he was following rule 14 by going after the borg. There’s no reason that a criminal’s life would take priority over the rest of the crew.

I see absolutely no reason to think they were being malicious, and they weren’t overly negligent.
This also comes off as quite petty.
Going to go ahead and deny this.

I am upholding this player report.

Zane Blake failed to secure their own internal air supply previously in the round, and this led to the death of a prisoner.

As a result, they will be permabanned from the server, stripped of their mentor status, and beaten with a very large stick.