VICIOUS O REILLY (Spindel Craic) player report (again)

CKEY: Snootypip

Your Discord: Beanslayer#4273


Offender’s In-Game Name: Spindel Craic

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05/19/22

Round Number: 38179

Rules broken: 1,2,3,7,9,14

incident description: oh boy another spindel report coming your way, so this one just takes the cake here, I just joined the round as an assistant and was just walking around checking out this new map iv never seen before and decided to drink a whole tank of welding fuel to see how it would affect the average lizard body, after my liver failed I was walked to medical where doctors started the process of surgically fixing my liver when none other than spindel craic the security officer came into medical in the middle of my surgery and asked “why did a security officer turn into you” where i jokingly replied “a lot of people want to be like me” then I was harm batoned while in the middle of my surgery and cuffed and dragged to cargo with my surgery open and toxins killing me. he dragged me to cargo for a “ling test” where he asked the quartermaster to get him BZ gas (might as well add power gaming to the list of broken rules now as well) where we were just standing around and I was dying, I managed to resist out of my cuffs and started very slowly walking away to medical before I died from my toxins, but spindel pulled out a tesla revolver and shot me twice and i fell into crit being already super low health and then proceeded to cut off my head with a scyth he had on him for some reason and the funny think is, im pretty sure he knew I was not a ling because after beheading me he just left my body in cargo where if I was a ling like he said I would of just came back to life. I dont feel the need to really say much more here other than not only did he break the rules an unimaginable ammount here as a sec officer but this was also meta grudge behavior due to our history, its like I cant play on bee station anymore without this guy killing me because I call him out from breaking the rules AND not only that its almost like he never actually gets punished, not sure who he is friends with but its actually ridiculous he is even allowed to still play security, when I feel he should receive a ban from the server. id put more effort into this but my last player report on him was ignored so its hard for me to care enough at this point


Oh my god I was the comms agent pretending to be you, and on sec comms I pretended to be a sec officer and told sec that you had turned me into you (?)

if that makes sense

Sorry, I think I set you up and made sec think you were a ling

Also I pretended to be mime on radio and a borg shouted “mime valid”, but thats not related to this, just thought I would say


that is hilarious and well played but uhhh, that still doesn’t excuse the fact he committed murder over something someone said over comms with no proof/evidence while I was actively dying and getting surgery, just to be clear I was not a ling nor antag, just a normal assistant who joined the round late and played for like 10 mins before Spindel killed me.


Oh totally, I just thought I would share why he thought you were a ling in the first place.

Spindel seems to do a lot of this, looking for a reason to antag hunt.

What bothers me is why he even has a scythe in the first place, and why he thought chopping your head off without HoS/Cap’s permission?!

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yea, the best part was that he didn’t even use non-lethals, he strait pulled out a tesla revolver and blasted me down while I was fully stripped and naked moving at snail speeds away from him because toxins here killing me.


This isn’t even the proper way to power-game test for a changling, BZ just eliminates the chems changlings have. Also, medbay was literally doing surgery on you, if you were a changling they would’ve naturally found out about your brain being in your chest (which honestly would’ve been a wonderful IC moment when you are doing a standard surgery, and then realize that your patient is some horrific alien).

This is really horrendous, and this player has caused so many issues with one other player is even worse. Hope this gets looked into within 7 days, Beestation doesn’t need players like this.


im starting to get suspicious of staff at this point, because I ahelped him at the end of the round and an admin (I don’t remember who) said he will look into it and nothing was done, no punishment at all, he can just kill whoever he wants I guess and get away with it


No salting from either of yalls or will close the thread

go make a new thread to peanut post if you have to, but expect that to get pruned aswell if its just you all shiting on each other because yall buttmad

it’s not peanut posting, it’s a legitimate conversation about the multiple offenses and times he has been “reprimanded” for breaking the rules, other players are noticing and also chiming in on their negative experiences they witnessed from him and would like to see something more than a 3 day ban from it, yea it’s just a game when Spindel breaks the rules, anyone els tho gets legitimate punishment.


Mucho wordo but you’ve made quite a few errors and ommissions!

For round context, it was a green shift but most of sec’s time was taken up with the ashwalkers attacking. At the point this event happened the walkers were all dead, their base was ransacked and destroyed, mining base was unusable, and all of security besides me and the brig physician were gibbed on the tendril. I was moving weapons from the mining base onto security when I spotted the suspected changeling fucking with doctors.

  • I didn’t remove you from surgery. I questioned you about the sting and the PKA and aux base remote you were carrying. I explicitly told you that I thought you were both working with the ashwalkers and a changeling, and all you gave me was sass and insults. Then you unbuckled yourself from the stasis bed to attack me when I attempted to ziptie you. You removed yourself from surgery to violently attack security. That’s on you.

  • I take you to the QM and ask for the BZ canister, the QM agrees. Before it arrives you break out of the zipties (my only pair), push me and the QM over, and flee. I pull out my stun baton and start telling you to stop doing dumb shit while suspected of being a ling, and as soon as you see the typing indicator you make an about-turn to chain push me against a wall and take my stun baton. The stun baton was also my only non-lethal weapon, since I was using lethals against the ashwalkers.

  • I beat you down into crit as you continue fleeing, and pause to consider whether to take you to the incinerator, attempt to drag you to sec and re-cuff you, or bring you to cloning. The QM, who witnessed this entire thing and was assaulted by you, decided instead to finish you off and remove your head with the chainsaw they were about to sell. They thought you were a changeling too because you acted like one, understandably.

Snootypip has a history of doing dumb suicide-by-cop bullshit then playing the victim after the fact. They have a history of outright lying to admins. They also have a fixation on me. As evidence of this, I direct you to their entire fucking forums post history. In particular look at their ban appeal for using viruses on sec as a nonantag, and note the unrelated bitching about me they posted. The only reason they seem to play the game is to bait for notes on sec players, of which I have 5 because - and I can’t stress this enough - THEY KEEP DOING THIS SHIT AND WILL NEVER CHANGE. Anyone who takes them at their word is a fucking mark.

I know they’re planning on responding with some bullshit and insults (again like they always do) but I won’t be reading it. Fuck off, I don’t like you, I don’t want to communicate with you in any way, shape or form. Please stop harassing me.

For what it’s worth this happens constantly both in game and out and it doesn’t really bother me. Every single one of these threads is full of “Spindel a shit, Spindel a turtlenecked cuntcurity, Spindel batong me IRL and steal my dog”. Whatever, heard it all before.

by “fucking with doctors” he means getting surgery on a table once again making it look like I was somehow doing something worthy of being murdered

he means I pushed him for trying to arrest me mid-surgery with literally no proof/evidence nor reason to do so seeing as I literally got on station 5 mins prior to being in medical.

ok this is just a lie, I broke out of the cuffs and started walking ever so slowly away due to me being near crit anyway when he decided to whip out a tesla revolver to shoot me into crit where he then just pulled out a scythe and cut off my head leaving my headless body in cargo, again if he actually thought I was a ling he would not of done that because if i was a ling I could of just got back up from it

Lethal weapons usage on greeshift on station, nice

Another just actual lie here, you shot me into crit and then took it upon yourself to “finish me off” and remove my head with the scythe you were wielding, the qm only decided to help you in removing my head after it was already a couple chops from coming off.

sounds to me like more meta grudge behavior and you can say I’m “lying” all you want but logs don’t lie buddy. also you always say “im so bad” and “I do bad stuff all the time because I’m a shitter” then how come you have like a shit ton of player reports and I have like maybe one that was a misunderstanding plus a team antag report?. :thinking:

its…almost like…its not everyone else who are assholes, have you ever considered you have so many negative reports and notes because uhhh…maybe you constantly break the rules against other players?.

This is funny when I literally can’t play a round of bee with you in it where you don’t somehow fuck with me with metagrudge shit. this is all I really need to say here, hopefully, staff will look at the logs here and see how you just strait round removed me like 10 mins after I joined literally only because you dislike me for calling you out and taking action because you’re a shitter.


Looks like you’re not able to keep this free of dumb drama afterall.
I’d have loved to let you all give your version of the story, like in the two posts i didnt delete. (though those two certainly are certainly not neutral either)
But it seems you cant without acting like kindergardeners.

Edit : this was not obious apparently, but this is just locked to shut out dumb drama. I will still look at the report and resolve it as normal sooner or later.


Alrighty lets break this down.

So basically what happens here is that the comms agent pretends to be a security officer and claims that they got changed into snootypip by snootypip. Spindel, believing what they say heads to medbay and starts questioning snootypip about it. Snooty doesn’t explain themselves in any way, which then makes spindel take them to cargo for a “ling test”. What follows is a short fight in cargo that ends with Spindel killing snooty with a scythe after latter shoved them twice.

Looking at this situation as a whole and how it developed I can definitely say that killing them with a scythe and then leaving them dead was overescalation. Apart from that ling testing through BZ is stinky aswell. I’d argue the whole situation in medbay and the resulting arrest was all an IC issue. What followed was not.

I apologize for how long this took to resolve. Apart from that thank you for the report!

Report accepted