VICIOUS O REILLY (Spindel Craic) A Player Report

CKEY: ValuedEmployee

Your Discord: ValuedEmployee#5119


Offender’s In-Game Name: Spindel Craic

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04/15/22

Round Number: 37418

Rules Broken: 1, 8, 9

Incident Description: During shuttle evac to Centcom, a player asked people around them in the cockpit to amputate their legs. Spindel immediately decided to take out their combat knife and cut off their legs as a Security Officer. This killed the individual rather quickly. No medical aid was brought to them, and there probably wasn’t enough time to do so before the end of round report so they died with no chance of revival.

Why I think it breaks rule 1-

This was a breach of Space Law to amputate them in the manner it was done and to kill them. There was no roleplay involved in this action, simply silence from Spindel.

Why I think it breaks rule 8-
As we can see in this example, killing a crew member for a low level crime is considered griefing, and they weren’t killed for a crime at all but for fun.

Why I think it breaks rule 9-

It is stated that crew must follow escalation policy and it is also true that some leeway is given in context to situations. However, I believe this is a clear breach of escalation policy in its entirety as the crew member Spindel had killed did not pose any real threat. Because of this, I think it’s at least Over-Escalation if not Self-Antag behavior.

Additional Information: I’m sorry that I didn’t make this report sooner and do not have the necessary round and date information. I used ahelp to ask if Spindel’s actions were okay for the server’s rules after it had happened, waited for awhile until after EORG, and then left without a reply. If it’s possible to see the last time I used ahelp, maybe the round information can be found, too. To my knowledge, this was the last time I’ve ahelped on the server, and maybe the last time I had played on Sage at all. I am not certain if it was handled in the round or not.


The round ID is likely to be 37418, and the date was 04/15/22.


I will update the post with this information, thank you, Lago.

So… Is anyone going to be assigned to this?


Isn’t there like 4 open Spindel reports right now

Also yeah don’t know whats up with admins, I got a report 22 days old and it still hasn’t been assigned.


Limited staff combined with the amount of reports leads to some of them getting buried a bit. It’ll get looked into eventually.


Thank you for taking the time to explain, sorry to hear about the workload.


Sorry that I’m bringing this up again, but I’ve heard Autisme is on leave right now and he’s the one that was assigned my report. Is it possible a different admin could be assigned my report instead because of his absence?


So now it’s that Autisme is stepping down from being an admin entirely.




It’s not.

Edit : 37405


Oddly enough their death wasn’t actually caused by Spindel. He cut both their legs off at which point they were still alive. Then a hulk came up and randomly beat the guy to death while a borg was healing them.

Due to this I don’t believe this really violates R8 or R9 on Spindel’s end, although I do believe it’s fairly poor from a roleplay standpoint and as such violates R1. This goes both ways though, he shouldn’t have cut their legs off, but likewise they shouldn’t have been asking to have them amputated.