Vicentdt, shadowslime, and coffeepanda Player Rerpot

CKEY: Gilgax

Your Discord: Gilgax#1777

Offender’s CKEY: vicentdt, shadowslime, and coffeepanda

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mate Plasmafish, Captain Plasmasalt, Mate Tachyonbilge (in order)

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06-24-2022 (why does the Beestation forum use MM-DD-YYYY? :pensive:)

Round Number: 38898

Rules Broken: 13.4 - Escalation Policy

Incident Description: Let’s make this short. These 3 pirates decided to go to a derelict, grab a xeno facehugger and bring it onto the station. Long story short, crew died, pirates died, station died, long live the xenos.

Additional Information: While it’s true that space pirates have a murderbone escalation policy, it has an asterisk for a reason. A lot of people were supportive of the pirates in the end-game OOC, but you’re you’re on an RP server, murderbone bad.


Do not include me into this report. I told the captain it was a bad idea and told him to not bring me to this situation. The only effort did was listening to the captain’s orders to bring the creature but starting the infestation wasn’t what I was looking for as a pirate.


CoffeePanda is right, it was my idea, and I take full responsibility. It’s worth noting that we used the xeno huggers as a weapon against a very, very well armed crew during a protracted gunfight that we did not win. We didn’t farm xenos with monkies or whatever, and I feel that the hugging was extremely survivable, especially considering we hugged them in front of other people.

We went to science to steal the R&D budget, after realizing that the vault was empty of any materials (we tried to loot them from the jani lathe). So the people we hugged were in fact in the way of our loot.

Now, finally, I’m not sure xenos are such a death sentence on a crew where seemingly everyone has a gun, and where they’re known. The xenos could’ve been dealt with at any point, but crew completely failed to organize despite knowing about them. (I was the xeno queen in addition to being the pirate captain.) The HoP fought and died alone, two people rushed the nest with lasers, but without face protection, no one killed gravity, no one heated pipes, there was no coordinated assault, some third party was possibly releasing unattended monkies into medbay maint, and despite both xenos and later the nest being known, no one used a flamethrower or tried to use any fire in any sort of capacity.

So yes, I feel that the crew dying to xenos, at that point, is mostly on the crew. In theory, the xenos should’ve been very manageable, especially with an armed crew.

And again, OOC was sympathetic, partly because this was an interesting strategy by us the pirates, but also because the crew’s shortcomings in dealing with the xenos were extremely apparent.

Also biological terrorism is based.


I just want an admin’s take on this so I’ll try to be quick.

Sorry that you got dragged in for being a pirate as well, but I’m sure the logs will help you on that.

Doesn’t matter. Using xenos is extremely powerful, and it’s not like I’m reporting you for using them and things still going your way. You used them, and not only killed every bystander on the station, you managed to get yourself killed so fast you managed to roll for xeno queen. Those are not the actions of a pirate trying to loot a station.

This was lowpop. This was the coordinated attack. There was no sec and the first people to get to the medbay with xeno eggs in them were command.

As virologist I personally killed every medbay monkey and hid every monkey box. You just had good luck with a maints room filled with grass and monkeys.

Simply not true, when I joined as xeno I had to drag a flamethrower the clown was using back to our base to hide it. It simply didn’t matter because of how heavy the steamrolling was.

Again, blaming the crew for not all being swat team members with 2000 hours in the game. You would’ve steamrolled without the xenos.
And interesting? If you maybe had threatened us with xenos so we’d pay up, or if you had done something more creative, maybe. I don’t even remember hearing one of you on comms. As it stands its as interesting as you singuloosing the SM.

Coincidentally being the Queen of a xeno infestation you started is cringe.

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