Very Important Information



But responsibilities are scary


moderating ss13 is sad


Applies for moderator
No response after first aside from peanut post schizo moment


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On a more real note:
What does being a mod entail?

What kind of requirements?

Is there a post i can be directed to with all my answers and more?

Why is blue raspberry the best candy flavor?


Responding to tickets in round, moderating the discord (not forums)

250ish hours of game, consistent activity (which doesnt necessarily mean playing a lot), no recent bans

Not exactly, but we have an admin conduct page, which would be necessary to read before applying:

Idk i dont like candies

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Sacrilege, absolute heresy

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Okay but I literally can’t, Crossed didn’t accept my Discord appeal.

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Only if you double the pay

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But, I would get ban for my polemical ideas…

I would but I don’t trust my own judgement.

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Should I though? :thinking:

Don’t fall for this, they are trying to run away by forcing you to replace them

A new hand touches the beacon!
Alternatively, Atlas holding up the sky.

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Tfw recent bans

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