Vault Safe

Is the safe combo randomized? If not what is it and how do i open the safe

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  • Turn right until you hear “tonk”, "krunk"or “plunk”
  • Turn left until you hear “tink”, “krink” or “plink”
  • Turn right until you hear “Spring”, “Sprang”, “Sproing”, “Clunk” or “Krunk”
  • Press open

You need a stethoscope though IIRC

it’s randomized


Ah thanks where can i get a stethoscope I’ve never seen one IG

There are usually some at Medbay, or some doctors could have it as family heirloom.

I also recommend putting the words into the chat highlight, it helps a lot.

hey baby wanna see my mojo ?

How do I use chat highlight?

What’s up with all the nyaaa shit

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