Vaughn Heckendor murdering randomly in mrp

   CKEY: Moccha

   Your Discord: Moccha

   Offender’s CKEY: Sniffy_Boi 

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:  Vaughn Heckendor 

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09/15/2020

   Round Number: 21324

   Rules Broken: Murder Bonning law

   Incident Description: I was on toxins doing a maxcap he was there also making one, after going into toxins storage he followed me talked with me a bit then released his stand and made him kill me for no reason i wasn't even a threat to him or whatever he was doing. Killing me unnecessarly in the process.

Him stealing your maxcap or even your ID is good reason alone. Murderbone is not killing a singular scientist. MRP is not a hugbox and you should know that.
A quote from our antag conduct:

Murderboning is defined as indiscriminate killing of multiple parties for absolutely no reason. Isolated killings are not murderboning.

Cringe report

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we always treated killing people for no reason in mrp as murder bonning to an extent. He also had his own maxcap and sci id there was no reason for him to kill me

2maxcaps and one less coworker to occupy your base of operations is better than one maxcap, amirite?
Yes iamrite.

not really.

i can kill you, for whatever reason if i for example need your shit to complete a step in my plan, or even thought i needed your shit but it turned out i didnt.

its not really unheard of that I kill a scientist to let loose plasmafire at science so that the engineers has to go to science to fix shit while i steal supermatter shard

if i just go on poison/sleepy pen rampage and starts just penning assistants with the instant death mix, now thats another discussion

im pretty sure he had a good reason for this, i mean

  1. you saw him making maxcaps, thats enough to get someone arrested if they start acting even a little sus

  2. if he could have the maxcap you made that’s more destructive power out of his enemies hands and into his hands

these two reasons are good enough, it’s not random murderboning if you’re killing one person who could and would be an obstacle to you

Those 2 reasons are completly ■■■■■■ed. everyone makes sci maxcaps out of tritiums every round and everyone knows that. and your second point is completly incoherent.

maybe you should just learn to read lol!

20 chars 20 chars

nice projection. yeah like he is going to take 2 maxcaps and that isn’t going to be murderbonning lol

read the first line

He might have hijack doe.

Why were you doing a maxcap? Were you antag? Was it a research bomb? How many more did he kill? What were his objectives?

Murder is okay, the only thing that would qualify as murderboning is MASS MURDER.

Plasma fires, big explosions, maybe shotgunning down the crowd, but not killing a single scientist somewhere using your fists

One kill with some reasoning on the killers part is perfectly allowed.

there was no reason, i wasn’t his target and nor was his target in sci or anywhere near it, he just plainly killed me without a valid objectivel.

Objective: secure a base of operations and a powerful explosive posessed by a civilian, which will aid in the future. Might actually work as a plausible escape route too, so that in case you get caught you can impersonate your victim.

Stop salting.

His goas were literally to kill an engineer and then escape, he already had power explosives with him.

If you nuke the station with two maxcaps you have a better chance of killing your target.

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wrong, 6 just to be sure he won’t leave

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