Varo10 mentor application

Your CKEY: Varo10

Your Discord: Varo#1467

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since may

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: None, im a lone wolf. But feel free to not let that happen and vouch for me in the replies

Game Experience (More Detailed): I play a LOT of clown. I’ve also plaid quite some time in medbay. I have no science knowledge or engineer/atmos knowledge. I can defend myself in pretty much everything else. I focus a lot on interacting with people


would you be able to post your job hours too?


It’s important to note that I also do a lot of jobs AS clown, so I have for example around 3 more hours as warden clown and a couple more as clown captain for example. I also know how cargo works because how much I interact with them, so that image may not show the reach if my knowledge

Alright, it’s question time!
Just pretend you’re already a mentor when you get the following mhelps:

  1. Hey, how do I make fusion?
  2. I just cloned, do I get to remember how I died?
  3. Help how do I fix respiration
  4. I’m a spider how do I heal?

1.- I would check if there are another mentors online. I have no knowledge of what a fusion is or what it does. If there weren’t any other mentors, I could google it and try to guide whoever asked into a guide. If neither of those can be done, I would not respond to the mhelp,
2.- You can’t remember the last 5 minutes that happened prior to your death
3.- I would ask what do they mean with respiration and then try to guide them.
4.- You need nurse spiders to heal you.

  1. There’s no mentors online, but you can google answers when answering mhelps, so feel free to guide me through fusion using anything you find!
  2. This is right, and an obvious answer from rule 14, however, we can’t answer rule related mhelps:
  3. “they have 200 suffication dead, I’m a doctor”
  4. “Oh? How do I find a nurse spider?”
  1. How do I revive a dead cyborg?
  2. How can I speak loud as an AI?
  3. Can you write me a step by step guide how to make a meth made?
  4. Where can I find ink?

All questions taken from in game.

1.- Ey there! I’m not an expert on this but heres what I can tell you: A fusion reactor is a very dangerous thing to do, if you are new I would recommend first trying to dominate atmospherics before trying this. That being said, lets start with the basics. This server uses its own version of the fusion reactor. To make the bare minimun, you need to mix at least 250 moles of CO2, 2050 of plasma and at least one of tritium, and heat it to >10000K. This will only take you so far, as you need one mole of tritium per reaction, so you need a lot of it. The fusion will craete various waste gases. Dont care about those too much. The fusion will also create radiation and perhaps a nuclear particle. DONT GET HIT BY THIS. YOU WILL DIE. These are the essentials. I recommend you ask a seasoned atmospherics to help you or the Chief Engineer. These areas are usually populated by veterans and people willing to teach who can show you in real time how to do it and answer all your questions. Anyways, heres the wiki page for the Fusion “Guide to Atmospherics - BeeStation Wiki” and the GitHub pages showing the unique BeeStation Fusion systems and its solutions to it: [Ready]Fusion V6: Chaos Hyper-Torus Edition by as334 · Pull Request #42748 · tgstation/tgstation · GitHub, Fixes Fatal Flaw of Fusion While Making It Not That Boring by park66665 · Pull Request #2614 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub.

2.- Didn’t know this was in the rules page. I shall read them all to be able to not interfere with admins, since I don’t know exactly each one of them to the absolute fullest.

3.- Well, there are a lot of ways to deal with this! First of all, see if there is any medbot (those little rectangle shaped robots with some lines that resemble a blue cross) and drag the body near it. Second option, CPR. Make sure you don’t have a mask on and they don’t have a mask on, and on help intent (the green icon in those 4 icons on the bottom right corner of your screen) click on the character you want to help. This is the slowest approach but it usually works. When the game doesn’t allow you no more no more to do CPR and instead on chat you see “You shake “X” trying to get them up”, they are good enough. They will take some time to fully heal, but just being out in the air and letting them breath at this point should be enough. Third option. Sleepers. Those machines found in medbay to inject chems. If you drag a patient into it and select the fist chemical it will help with suffocation damage. You can also ask your chemist to make Salbutamol in pills and carry some on you for this cases, as it really helps. If you see one blue medkit with “O2” written on it in medbay or inside a blue locker in the hallways, they already have bottles of pills with this chemical. But, the most important thing! CPR will take you a long way. The other options are nice to know but the old reliable will always be CPR. I hope I helped!

4.- They willl be selected by other spider players from the list of 4 spider classes when joining your team, so you better stick with your colony and make sure to communicate with them using your unique communication system to ask for help and seek nurse spiders.

1.- You have to print them an emergency reboot board on Robotics and open the borg with a crowbar, use your ID on it and what you just printed inside. Then you crowbar it back.
2.- In the AI Commands tab in the top right corner, select transceiver settings and then high volume ON
3.- Sure. You will need the following: A chem dispenser, a chem heater or an igniter, cable coil, a screwdriver, one grenade casing (made with one iron sheet, also found in chemistry) and one or two beakers of meth. Use the cable on the grenade, put the beakers inside and use the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver again to select between 3 or 5 seconds of fuse time. Enjoy! If you need help with making the meth itself let me know.
4.- Ink? What do you mean by that?

  1. Yes, but it’s ID first to unlock the cyborg, crowbar after.

  2. Good.

  3. Yes please tell me how to make it.

  4. I need to recharge my tile marker.

Dead Cyborgs automatically get unlocked, no ID required.

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Ah this is more like it!

  1. Now this is a good answer to “how to do fusion”. It explains what’s actually needed, warnings, and further reading, very nice.

  2. Knowing the rules does help, especially since mentors are still staff!

  3. Also a good answer! I totally didn’t steal this question from an mhelp, and that person was actually an IPC so CPR wasn’t working + reminding people that chemicals don’t work when your patient is on a stasis bed is always something we take for granted.

  4. Meh answer. You do indeed need a nurse to heal you, but a couple of problems: first, there’s actually 6 types of spider, but the extra two are only sometimes from human born eggs (the viper and a new broodmother) so I’m being picky. But secondly, and more importantly, spiders don’t get any way to communicate between each other. Broodmothers can send out commands and directives to every spider under them, but there’s no “spider chat” like there is for the xeno hivemind. So as a guard for example, you’ll need to stick near where your nest is and hope one shows up or beg your broodmother if you’ve seen them in person to ask for one to come to your location.

I gotta admit, as I mostly know you as a clown main I was sort of apprehensive about this app, and you did get some questions wrong, but I did throw some hard ones at you and you do have the right spirit in my opinion, so I’ll give you a +0.5.

T: +0.5

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The first time I played spider was yesterday and I only saw 4 times of spiders, should have checked the wiki

3.- Okay. To make meth, you need a chem dispenser, a large beaker,a chem heater and a chem master. You need Ephedrine, Hydrogen, Iodine and Phosporus. And you always start with the Ephedrine. As you can see, it’s no on the chem list, so we have to make it. First, mix 3 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Nitrogen to make Ammonia. Now, add the same amount you got of Ammonia,but of Ethanol. So thats 1 part of Ammonia and one of Ethanol. That will give you Diethylamine. If you mess up at any point or add an unwanted chemical and want to remove something without messing up the other chems, use the chem master next to the chem dispenser to select the chemicals you want to remove specifically. Now, you got your Diethylamine. Mix 1 part Diethylamine, 1 part (Oil (Carbon + Hydrogen + Welding Fuel) 1 part Hydrogen and 1 part Sugar. Ta-da! You have your Ephedrine. Use 1 part of Ephedrine, 1 Part of Hydrogen, 1 part of Iodine and 1 part of Phosporus and heat it all to 374k (if it doesnt work, add it 1 more degreee, this usually happens when heating chems) Do NOT use a temperature above 380 to heat it or you will blow up. Now you have your meth! I Follow the steps I said earlier to complete it! Also it’s important to know that if Science has bothered coming into your department with tier 4 upgrades, the Diethylamine , Oil and and other chems that usually need to be made are now avaiable to select directly with no need to mix anything. So, try communicating wtih science to have the latetst technology avaiable! Now that was the regular setup I just told you so you know how to use the chem dispenser and chem master. I’m also going to give you my own super ultra robust way of getting 2 full meth large beakers for a grenade quickly. You need 2 large beakers, a chem dispenser and an Igniter. (found in tool storage, either laying around or in one of the vending machines in that room). Do the Ammonia with 15 u Hydrogen and 5 Nitrogen. Add 15 Ethanol to get 30u Diethylamine. Click the “-15” button below to remove 15 of Diethylamine. Now combine 5u Carbon, Hydrogen and Welding fuel to make Oil. You have 15u Diethylamine and 15u Oil now. Add 15u Hydrogen and 15u Sugar. That will leave you at 60u Ephedrine. Remove 10u. Now transfer 25u to the other large beaker. (If you use the beaker in hand you can select how much units you transfer in each click). You now have 25u of Ephedrine in each large beaker. Simply add 25u of Hydrogen, Iodine and Phosporus and you have 2 full beakers of meth ready to be heated. Now with the igniter heat each beaker 6 times. That will cook it into meth way faster than the chem heater, but beware of hitting it extra times, as it could explode. Now you have 2 full large beakers of meth. So combine them both in a single grenade, or use 2 grenades! I’m going to link you 2 pages you may want to check out. The wiki page with all the chemicals Guide to chemistry - BeeStation Wiki and the wiki page for grenades, so you can spice it up a little and come up with new ways of using your grenades Grenade - BeeStation Wiki. Have a nice shift!
4.- You need toner cartridges. You can ask cargo to get a toner crate with 8 refills, in the Miscellaneous Supplies section. You can also print more tile makers from an autolathe in cargo or science. And you can also get more toner from photocopiers that arent being used (the grand majority of them).

  1. Cheezus I did ask for a detailed guide… if you do become a mentor, try not to answer with novelles
  2. While thats true, I was expecting you to find it in the code as thats the only place that uses “ink” other than pens.

T: +1.5

4.- I have no idea how to read code I’m gonna be honest with you

Thats unfortunate, considering we are currently rather deficient in mentors with that knowledge.

Ive already seen your answers in regards to this when gilgax asked you, so I will lay off atmos.

I dont feel like questions that can be easily answered with the wiki are particularly good to use with mentors.

  1. List the species specific mutations and what each can do. What species-specific mutation can be gained from moths, but can be transferred to another species and work?

  2. “Hey im an explorer. whats an assassinate objective? Am I going to kill someone or just mobs?”

  3. “Im a bartender looking to make my bar look cool! How do I make those light tiles that you can turn all sorts of colors ive seen other people make?”


Sorry for the delay I will respond back today

Here are my questions:

1-) Hey I am a doctor, there is a guy who has no noticable problem on health scanner. But they are dying. What do i do with them to fix?
2-) Hi I am AI. How do i change the display of my AI? I want to be that rolling fat cat.
3-) I built a new room in space, outside of the station. How do i put apc here?
4-) My last target is SSD, should i kill them? If not, how can i get more targets as a heretic?