Using archaic words in lizard names? A thread of dumb ideas by Jackie

Just what it says on the tin basically, I look at archaic words and try to make nouns-the-verb type names from them. Starting with things from my discord shitposting adventure, with drop boxes showing definitions and character ideas (If you get in trouble using these I take no responsibility, use common sense):

Update 1: removed the warning on Belights, admin ruled as long as you rp it shouldn’t count as softgriefing. Still, do NOT break lights/apcs please, you are not discount nightmare. Also added a few more silly things. :3c


What I imagine: tired lizard writer struggling to make his novel, most likely this character would be in a Curator role, and takes pride in his skills at making the library look its best.

Adulterates-the-Beverages (see second definition meaning)

What I imagine: lizard barkeep, if antag they may potentially slip cyanide or polonium into your drink. Otherwise they basically just spit in your drink while giving the stink eye. But that’s only if you get on his bad side. Not the stink-eye though he always has that resting bitch face.

Definition and bonus image


What I imagine: Assistant lizard that basically plays guitar everywhere, very often in bar sometimes just running around randomly, always in an attempt to entertain crew. Pick the musician quirk to give people mood boosts!

Buffalos-the-Buffalo (not archaic but check below)

What I’m thinking: Maybe a detective who outwits traitors? Someone witty and maybe in security to intimidate. Also maybe the lizard is American idk, make him midwestern, up to you.

Fishes-the-Fish (again not archaic but an idea that popped up)

Do I really need to define the verb fishing or the noun fish to you? You’re not stupid.

What I imagine: Homeboy who grew up with log shacks and (sure enough) fishing and farming. Or maybe someone who naturally hunts space carp and dolphins? Curator with carphunter kit would be fun with this one.


What I imagine: A lizard with a light sensitivity, turning off all the light switches. Breaking lights is not permitted.


What I imagine: A lizard that wants to paint the town red, literally! Spray lights, paint items! Actually, spraying lights might be all that’s needed, they really turn everything that colour.


What I imagine: hello, chef, xenobiologist, and geneticist

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