Updating your github fork "branches" from master

Sometimes you need to update branches with the latest master from original, not your master.
There are 2 cases to do that.

  • Merge “Master” into your branch
  • Rebase your branch onto “Master”

Rebase your branch onto “Master”

(Gitkraken: This can be done dragging a branch tag onto Master)

  1. Resets your branch into current master (Your commits are not lost)
  2. Apply your commits one by one.
  3. If a merge conflict occurs, you need to handle this to progress next commit.

This is difficult to handle when there are a lot of commits you made.
Merging Master into your branch is recommended in that case.

Merge “Master” into your branch

(Gitkraken: This can be done dragging Master tag onto your branch)
It doesn’t reset your branch. It brings changes made from Master into your branch.
This is generally better to handle upstream commits.