Up In The Clouds banned by Archanial

Title: Up In The Clouds banned by Archanial

CKEY: Up In The Clouds

Admin’s CKEY: Archanial

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

**Ban Type:**Server

Ban Length: 3 Days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2/25/2020

**Round ID:**27378

**Ban Reason:**Picked a fight with a scientist. Later hunted him with a syringe gun filled with chloral hydrate. This is powergaming and self antag.

**Appeal Reason:**well I didn’t know that making chloral hydrate and using it was powergaming considering I’ve never been warned or told so.
and well I get the self antag part it was justified to me cause the guy locked me in the experimentation lab right when comms went down so basically I was gonna be trapped in there if I didn’t have tools on me.

**Additional Information:**I asked an admin later on Yogstation about the chloral hydrate thing and yeah he told me It’s not considered powergaming if I make and use it.
but if there’s no sec around and there’s a threat it’s alright then (I always keep some on me for self defence cause I never knew it was aganist MRP rules) also the reason for why the scientist was mad at me is because I hit him with a wrench three times when I found him beating up another scientist under the excuse of testing out nanties, I didn’t know at the time I apologized too but the guy kept telling me to fuck off until I got annoyed and refused after that he pushed me around for some time then locked me in.
Also I never actually hit the guy after the wrench part I just shot him with chloral hydrate syringes every time he tried to hit me cause he chased me for a good while.

That would be super useful if you were appealing a ban on yogstation.

This isnt Yogstation, as far as i’m aware keeping a weapon on you “just in case” has always and will continue to be powergaming here.

Both servers are MRP servers that’s why I asked them cause I can’t really talk to an Admin on Beestation while Im banned

Rules page
It exists

I never knew though. this is the first time I got called out for having a weapon on me and got accused of powergaming. I basically never knew what is and what is not powergaming

fairly sure it was spelt out quite clearly in the old rules, unsure about the new ones though

  1. Whether or not you do something should be based on whether or not it makes sense for your character to do it.
  2. Do not seek/acquire items that have no relevance to your job without an appropriate IC reason

not knowing the rules doesn’t make you immune to punishment for breaking them.

If it was justified, then why are you appealing? This is only 3 day ban, not permaban.

So first, we are not Yog and second I am very confused. I remember yog having somewhat strict rules and being mrp.

okay so, imagine a scenario. You are a traitor, you have to kill chemist. You stop the chemist running and searching maints (just an example). You attack him. He pulls out syringe gun, shoots and kills you. I don’t think that scenario is fair on sage, where we do not allow to preemptively seeking self-defense items "just in case". (rule M2.2).

Overall, you broke into science. Scientist asked you to leave. You refused, he locked you while probably waiting for security. You somehow broke out, attacked him, he ran away, you chased him and shot him with chloral hydrate and then fell crit due to no pressure. Then you ahelped with something like: “he killed me”.
Do you really see no problem here?

No, I will not be accepting this.

Listen my problem is simply getting banned for 3 days and not for example one day. cause you could have just warned me and I wouldn’t have done something like that again. and not knowing the rules fully is my problem I get it I fucked up but having a 3 day ban was just annoying tbh

Bans are punishments and 3 days seems reasonable for self antag, powergaming and ban baiting.

whatever you say I guess…

Second opinion, not overly unreasonable, keep it.

You literally ran into the lab with a syringe gun, trying to stun me with it. Dont lie, we have logs for a reason.

Nah, you broke into science, hit me with the wrench and when I told you to fuck off you started insisting that you dont take shit from anyone and started to break the windows and grilles in the lab, I guess to break into the experimentor room?

For future referance, dont rush other departments, if you had stood outside of the counter and acted like a decent person I wouldve had no issue letting you inside to test your mix.