Unknown Virologist player report

CKEY: WilsonPH

Your Discord: R2D2 from Star Trek

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-03-2022

Round Number: 41182

Rules Broken: 9 Do Not Self-Antag

Incident Description: So, it was an extended shift and I was a mediborg named H3LP3R and this virologist made a virus with Pierrot’s Throat. It spread by contact and infected quite a lot of people, also had the highest tier of drugs as a cure, which made it a pain to get rid of. I saw them being dragged around by the CMO saying ‘it’s only Pierrot’s throat’. Then they later on went to cryo.

Additional Information: I did not get a screenshot of the symptoms, but 4 out of 6 were neutered, with only Pierrot’s Throat and something else being active. The virus had its transmission be over 11 and resistance over 15 for all the thresholds of Pierrot’s Throat. This also made it hard to cure, as I said, and also made it spread by touch.
The list of cures alignes with the wiki, as I’ve overhead the doctors saying to make Quantum Hair Dye, but I cured a patient with Modafinil and started spreading the vaccine around.
Also I saw several people get infected by simply walking near other infected people, which aligns with this.

I was the CMO that shift, i can confirm it was a classic breach of viro SOP and self antag, we just happened to get a Xenomorph announcement when the outbreak happened, meaning the infected people got an un-removable clown mask and according to him it was ‘‘gonna help prevent people from being hugged’’

The virologist name was Kurt Hairpin i believe before he cryod he got released for a bit on brig for some interrogation but security didn’t properly search him so he infected himself with another disease, i didn’t had time to check but according to Captain it was something very bad, eventually he cryod, most likely on the perma area

The rest checks out with what the player report says, it was only Pierrot’s Throat and something else minor, the rest of the symptoms were neutered and he also said he had something even worse on his lab but couldn’t find it (probably the thing he injected/drank on security)


Report Processed