[Unknown] HoPcurity kills Ashlizards Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Can’t remember, Clark… Llora? or something like that i could be wrong

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-03-06

Round Number: 48143

Rules Broken: 2, 3, 12

Incident Description:

Alright, local Head of Personnel decides to go on a crusade against the Ashlizards, unsure what events led to them fighting them in the first place like who was the initial aggresor and etcetera but to put it short:

On a shift where Security, albeit a tad bit busy dealing with other antags, was staffed they decided to head down to lavaland alongside their miners to fight and kill the ashlizards on their nest, what’s also important to remark is that they brought with them Xenobio extracts and i can’t remember which ones exactly they had except the most… obvious one that they used to attack the ashlizards with: a xenobio changeling-like blade, not to mention nanites that were extremely powerful and mining gear, not to mention encouraging it’s own militia to take down the ashlizards despite having miners capable of destroying them with their superior fire power and security that should’ve handled that matter.

Additional information:

I only got this single screenshot that doesn’t show the full picture, but there was another miner on that assault to the ashlizard base and eventually since ghosts were observing they spawned out of the blue and scared them away, which led them to fight on the mining base, by that point it became an all out brawl where a bartender, a scientist, the miners, HoP (and unsure if anyone else from the crew) fought them and brought them back to station once they died.

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I think the name was Llora Smoke

Clark Llora would be @avasheep

If it was Smoke it’s been too long for me to remember to ping

I think it was Smoke Llora though

To provide context as the ashwalker at the bottom left of the picture provided by the OP. I believe the initial incursion by HOP and the scientist was a rescue mission for the miner Gilm-Banalz. We encountered Gilm who professed his enslavement by NT and we roleplayed their “salvation”, perhaps against their will. During that time, we killed a miner I believe was Jim Pinkerton, in front of Gilm. Afterwords, another ash walker would hatch (the other one in the picture), and encounter the rescue party that chased us back to the nest to this incident shown by the OP.

5 sec members onboard, and HoP decides to assemble a hitsquad and leave the station to rescue one miner. As this would be excusable since they’re managing supply and civil deps, this task should be delegated to Quartermaster (which was on station) and then properly escalated by security. I haven’t seen either. If You want to see some action, play as sec or miner, not a trigger happy bureaucrat. While extracts were acquired during exchange with science party member on lavaland, I’m not willing to take this into the scope since it was justified for the ongoing raid.

Report Processed

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