Unknown griffman tesloose sm report

CKEY: Motespeck

Your Discord: N/A

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 5/2/23

Round Number: 43880

Rules Broken: 8/9

Incident Description: Somebody tesloosed the SM and no antag had hijack or DAGD

Additional Information: there were some claims the tesloose was accidental in OOC later, but no concrete culprit or reason, and it’s extremely difficult to “accidentally” mess up the SM badly enough to tesloose it.


This is false, the only thing needed for tesloose is a high concentration of CO2 + a little too much energy. Anyone new or who doesn’t fully understand how the SM works can accidentally tesla an SM that someone else has set up with CO2 by making even a relatively minor tweak.

One of my personal favorite setups has the critical flaw that if some dunce latejoins as engineer and decides to turn the emitters on it will go from being a stable, high-power engine into a tesloose within a couple of minutes. And for that exact reason I completely disconnect and stash the emitters in secure storage any time I made this setup.

Fair enough, hadn’t considered the angle of someone else messing up an existing setup. I was more saying that if you’re just setting it up from scratch, you’d have to intentionally pipe in CO2 and then completely ignore the energy warnings and not remove the CO2 for long enough to cause a delam with tesla. I think the CE did try to vent the floor to prevent a tesla, but he accidentally dusted himself.

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Report processed.