Unknown Ckeys Player Report - Cult Round

CKEY: Gilgax

Your Discord: Gilgax#1777

Offender’s CKEY: [unknown]

Offender’s In-Game Name: SlipNSlap (?), John Bonesy, Bones Spookner

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10-19-2022

Round Number: 40927

Rules Broken: 9 Do Not Self-Antag

Incident Description:
SlipNSlap (pretty sure that was their name), clown, and John Bonesy, chef, harassed the HoS (and only security) during a cult round, if not during, just slightly before halos in botany.

Bones Spookner, assistant, I think joined late and tried to get themselves converted.

Additional Information:
The botany situation went a bit like this:
HoS came in with a suspected cultist buckled to their back and the chaplain behind them, to get some holy water and deconvert the cultist. Clown follows in and the HoS is already not having none of the clown’s shit and tells them they had confirmed cultists. As a spectator it seemed like the clown then proceeded to drop a flashbang under the HoS’s feet by crawling under him. After a scuffle, HoS managed to catch the clown and cuff. Chef comes in, wordlessly, shoves the HoS. When that doesn’t work, they grab some bolas off the ground and uses it on the HoS, grabs the clown and drags him to safety where they both escape. No one in botany was an antag.

As for Bones Spookner, you should look at their say logs, but tl,dr: “Bones Spookner rattles, “Convert me.””.

Ahelped in game, but man, the lack of admins seems to be getting worse while I’m online ):

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There is a solution to that you know…

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HoS here, I threw the flashbang. I could not bear this entire situation at all, since, every round slipnslap was on he tried to become the “station captain” which always involved tiding into bridge by breaking the walls and being overly obnoxious.
The second he voiced that he wanted to overthrow the captain (2 minutes into the shift), I instantly gave him 3 chances to stop that shit before i’d throw him into perma for mutiny, simply because i did not want to handle his usual gimmick with no one else but me. Cap agreed.

While i was overwhelmed by the fact I was the ONLY security member on what was basically blue alert cult, if not red alert (since 2 minutes after cult obtained halo), i got to botany to try and turn the water tanks into holy water, potential cultist in hand being deconverted (janitor, was in the janitor room where cult runes, the other janitor WAS a cultist)

Clown kept trying to call for “revolution”, declared cap to be “valid”, refusing to shut up despite the fact we could NOT handle his antics and then barged into botany at that point. He had already used up 2 of his chances, that was his last one.

He proceeds to start yelling about how i won’t let him be captain,and i’m being tyrannical, before slipping me with his pda and locking me in a corner with the cultist behind me still being deconverted. I try throwing a flashbang to clear out the way because i could not move (being surrounded by both the clown AND the lawyer who were actively being aggressive), then flash the clown and try to arrest him since, i had quite literally warned him and made it overtly clear what he was risking.

Chef barges in, having grabbed two bolas from the roundstart throwing kit in the bar. He proceeds to try and bola me like 20 times while i’m trying to cuff the clown (after the flashbang), helps the clown escape.
Since clown ran away and chef is right here, I flash him, cuff him, and bring him to be permaed for using contraband and letting the clown escape (thus making him an accomplice of a person who was accused of a capital crime).
At this point, cap is silent (prob gotten by cult), cult has halos, i don’t have time to deal with it anymore and thus throw him in perma and leave him there for the rest of the (very short) shift.

I would not have reported this myself because I did overreact slightly from the simple fact that I was the single security officer against a cult, making me overly tense and stressed out, without even having to deal with this type of “”“gimmick”“” , but that does put me slightly in the wrong here.

Although, please, slap slipnslap on the wrists, it’s unbearable for him to try and overthrow the captain every round no matter the circumstances


I’m glad to put in your side of the story. I was just observing and wasn’t paying as much attention I just think alot more of these situations need to be reported when admins aren’t online.

Hi, I was the cultist who confronted the assistant. I told him “Either convert or die.” and at the time I was walking around with a cult sword and armor so he would have been toast. In that context it wasn’t unreasonable for him to agree to conversion, he didnt seek me out and ask to be converted before that.

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hello cap here completely forgot about this round so sorry, but i do not remember details but I do remember SlipNSlap to be a shit clown and me having to threatening to cut out his tongue every time I have to interact with him. his “gimmick” is 9/10 times not fun for sec or med and command. I hope he gets a slap on the wrists

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Everything is confirmed by log. Cook deciding to revive old LRP memes by interfering with an arrest because “screw sec lmao”, dropping all believable rp in the process.

The clown’s idea of “be entertaining” meant pissing off players, going after sec for no reasons other than memes. This is indeed LRP behaviour that they repeat round after round.

I don’t have anything else to add, there was no way to interact with those “gimmicks” that wouldn’t have been straight up out of character.

Report accepted.