Unknown CKEY Star Aultman player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Geatish

Your Discord: Geatish

Offender’s CKEY: -

Offender’s In-Game Name: Star Aultman

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-12/29

Round Number: 47140

Rules Broken: 3: Do Your Job, 7: Be Excellent to Each Other(don’t be a dick)

Incident Description: Some minutes before the shuttle had arrived, Star as brig phys, had revived me, put me in a straight jacket then instead of handing me over to sec or taking me to the shuttle she drags me over to an escape pod and says on comms “i’m taking him on a pod, fuck the shuttle”.

Additional Information:
Before leaving she puts on a muzzle on me for no apparent reason, then proceeds to shit talk me all the way because “i didnt do enough crime”


Did you get revive from execution solely to be shittalked, or were you a criminal casualty meant to be revived who then got brought along towards a pod against SOP ?
The first one would be much worse due to going against direct orders solely to insult and berate another player who cannot respond in any way.

To sum it up fast, i died because of self harm, i was trying to escape by getting a medibot into my cell and destroy it for its robot arm which i can use to smash the window and escape. I had tried that twice and succeeded once by that point, but by the third attempt the accumulated blood loss and the warden not doing anything for some moment made me die.

Its not like star had little time to get to the shuttle, it was roughly three minutes left before the shuttle would arrive when I was up again. She instantly dragged me to the nearest pod, before leaving to get a muzzle. I don’t recall her talking shit about me getting myself killed, more that it was a boring shift and i should have done more as a criminal.

This report isn’t really substantiated by logs, they didn’t trash talk really, only tried to banter with you about doing more (2 messages).
It’s funny because you were the one salting, including in LOOC after they muzzled you for being angry, don’t do this.

Considering how close this was to round-end, and how the shuttle was gonna dock soon, I don’t think this warrants any action.

I’d have talked to the player in game just to check, but just because an action is meh doesn’t mean it violates the rules.

I must say though that you shouldn’t play antagonist if you’re gonna get really mad at the prospect of security acting against you.

Report rejected

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