Unknown ckey reuben voxi Player Report

CKEY: yoshimiwastaken

Your Discord: jackie_o_the_wisp

Offender’s CKEY: idk

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ruben Voxi

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-01

Round Number: 47546

Rules Broken:8 - Do Not Grief

Incident Description:So I was just playing as barkeep, Aurus Salix, and I had some drinks on the table. Along comes the botanist, Reubin Voxi, who is throwing around my cups of drink (basically destroying property with no discernable IC reason) and trying to apparently get me to shoot him? I aimed at first and he surrendered and I told him once more to stop before he started shooting me with the somatoray, so I (missed twice) with the shotgun, got him in a corner a moment and was hitting him with the gun, but he stops me and says he wants to be shot in the eyes. I shoot him like twice, he seems in crit. So I brought him to medbay and told him he was banned from the bar after ICly cussing out the radio again.

Additional Information: I feel like I overescalated so note me for that if necessary

Edit: corrected round number I think

Just to double check, your round number says 47564. Was it that or 47546? Just out of curiousty in terms of the round number at the moment.

I can’t remember but we didn’t even get to 47550 yet so probably the latter, my bad! Fixed the report round number!

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From the logs, the player is incredibly new.
Doesn’t excuse the many LRP moments, but it mostly explains it.

As for your actions, they’re mostly fine. The bartender using his shotgun in the bar to defend himself is okay.
And you followed the ESC policy, so all good.


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