Unknown CKEY Player Report (Pauline Dubois)

CKEY: jikkajoestar

Your Discord: @jikka_joestar

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Pauline Dubois

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-07-28

Round Number: 45108

Rules Broken: R1-3, R3

Incident Description: I was part of a syndicate incursion along with Kathleen Judge and I forgot the name of the other guy but he was a lizard and the chaplain. We tried to create a fake cult with volunteers who volunteered to be turned into soul shards and put into artificers. Eventually, security confronted us, and we had a good RP interaction with security and the captain. However, things eventually escalated into combat and myself and the other two syndicate members along with the artificers began fighting security, the captain, and the HoS (Pauline Dubois). After critting the lizard chaplain, Pauline turned him into a soul shard, rring him. She also was fighting Kathleen and I. After Kathleen was captured, I tried to fight back against another security officer that had captured Kathleen. I was critted by the remaining security officers, however after I was critted, Pauline came up to me with a weapon and killed me. My body was brought back to the brig, and I was revived, however immediately after I was revived, Pauline sent me to the labor camp without giving me an option or listing my crimes to me. I wished to be sent to the permabrig as I believe I had broken 405 Enemy of the Corporation (as I am writing this I realize I also committed 404 Espionage because I had access to command comms through my role) or at the very least been put in the normal brig, however she ignored me. I took my revenge on the labor camp appliances and was killed by a vending machine falling on me.

Additional Information: I believe all other events surrounding this incident were acceptable within the rules, such as escalation of the conflict between the Syndicate and security, as well as the Captain’s actions during the round.

Don’t think you broke either. Id call it an Insurrection in terms of capital crimes. It’s debatable whether or not a fake cult classes as a “cult” on the EOTC charge

In my view, an incursion team counts as a hostile boarding party but I could be wrong

Seeing how @Tamus is an admin, this will turn into a staff report.

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I play Pauline.
About the chap’, I didn’t shard him and I have no idea who did.
A fight breaks out, I get my ass skill checked and Milli drags me to medbay, I head back to the chapel to help the officer left there (Morgan Strange) and starts securing prisonners and the soul shards (I didn’t want another bootleg cult).
You kept breaking away from Morgan’s grab as he was dragging you (in cuffs) during a still very chaotic situation, after it happened a few times I had enough, shot you to death, and saw to your revival shortly after (in the brig).

Then I sent you to the gulag for 1000 points (and told you).
EOTC doesn’t apply here, you would need a trial to be held first (crewmember).
Other capitals could maaaybe have been applied if we could proove you were a direct, willing accomplice of Kathleen who committed them (prime murder(we lost the court case, damn you Millii :frowning: ), but we didn’t have direct evidence you hunted peoples like Theodore did and already a trial for Kathleen was being held, in comparison your crimes were lesser.
(Now that I think about it having you both on trial could have been interesting, it didn’t cross my mind at the time however).
So, why the gulag?
No capitals committed, we’re left with misdemeanour/major crimes.
Conspiracy was my take on it, as we had evidence you were part of the cult and helped them fight, with a flavor of rioting.
Since it wasn’t your first time in the brig, and you pretty much tried to kill our characters, a brig timer was too ‘nice’ (Hardened criminals don’t get a nice cell).
Anyhow, 1000 gulag seemed pretty fair, and it’s the right of the HOS/warden to send you to the gulag (they don’t need your permission, it’s nice to ask, but again, you had tried to kill us and it wasn’t your first time in the brig).


Okay, thank you for providing your reasoning for your actions, however I still believe it was unnecessary to kill me after I was critted during the fight.

Alrighty, apologies for the delay.

So from what I can tell my reading the responses in this thread, the main point of contention was the actual killing after you were already critted in the fight.

This is rather straight forward, while this overall situation really isn’t a big deal whatsoever, I agree with the report.

The killing was unnecessary, although partially excusable due to how chaotic the situation was overall. On top of that they also did revive you once you were in the brig.

So, while the killing was unnecessary, I don’t think this situation warrants anything other than a small headsup for future situations. @Tamus Has been made aware of the result of this report and hopefully keeps this in mind for the future.

Thank you for the report!