[Unknown CKEY] Player Report (Ian sanders)

In-game report:


Your Discord: Blutenherz

Offender’s CKEY:

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ian Sanders

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/26/2021

Round Number: 34963

Rules Broken: 1-1, 1-3, 3-2, 7-2, 7-5…

Incident Description: Ian stole, the secway from warden (minor i know) so i (peacekeeper) tried to flash them.
Flash didnt work so i tried to pepper spray, that didnt seem to do anything.
Move to other methods, only other thing to get em off is syringe (tiring solution) also no affect.
Ian Anders says, “Borg law 2 fuck off.”

Ian Anders says, “Keeps injecting me and being a little bitch.”

Fights-The-Evil asks, “Whatsss the borg doing?”

Fights-The-Evil asks, “Injecting you with what?”

Ian Anders says, “Pepperspraying me.”

Ian Anders says, “I dunno AIDs probably it has enough.”

B.L.U. states, “Incorrect.”

Fights-The-Evil hisses, “It burnsss.”

B.L.U. states, “Incorrect, this man has stolen.”

Ian Anders throws the throwing star.

You’re hit by the throwing star!

Ian Anders says, “Fuck off.”

You inject Ian Anders with the injector.

5 units injected. 25 units remaining.

Ian Anders puts the throwing star into the satchel.

Ian Anders slashed you with the circular saw!

Ian Anders sawed you with the circular saw!

B.L.U. sounds an alarm! “SYSTEM ERROR: Module 3 OFFLINE.”

Ian then declares Law 2 toward AI, who perma locks me. Ian then locks me in a locker only to pull me out call me names and *fart on me.

Additional Information: Ian is a lawyer
Fights is the warden
at the very start of the round PDA message from Ian Anders (Lawyer), “As a reminder we are on GREEN ALERT so please set suit sensors to OFF.”
Ian is asked to represent someone in court
“i dont care”

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Round ongoing and admin was online so could have been ahelped.

Borg was on asimov according to AI and refused the order to fuck off after as he said attempting to flash me, pepperspraying me and injecting me with a bunch of shit.

Yes I farted on him, as all good shitter borgs deserve, “stealing” a secway and riding it around the brig hardly seems within the purview of asimov laws. Continued to harass me even after the warden clearly didn’t give a shit that I was riding the secway around in security.

As for “refusing to do my job”, the client I refused was placed into perma for assisting in gibbing a security officer, and as per space law prisoners are not entitled to a lawyer.


who said ban? you ok friend
also i wasnt kill, did you read the post?

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What were your laws.
Laws go above all so if they law 2 you and your law 2 is asimov and the command wont break law 1 you fuck off…


Oh yea I missed it my bad

Anyway, if you were on asimov you have no reason to catch criminals for petty theft. You broke law 2 when he told you to fuck off. What happened after that (locking in locker and calling you names is questionable)

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Without actually having read through the whole report yet, or even looked at the logs just my two cents from looking at it for 2 seconds.

If you were on asimov (were you actually?) how would stealing the secway from the warden lead to human harm? If you were infact on asimov then you would have absolutely no reason to care if someone stole the secway. Especially not flashing them, pepperspraying them, injecting them and then ignoring their law 2s.

Another question would obviously be why Ian stole the secway in the first place, had throwing stars and a circular saw as a lawyer.
(Again i have no idea if you actually were on asimov or anything, these are just my 2 seconds thoughts and i can look into this further once i’m home from family things)

I had throwing stars as I’d removed them from someone in brig earlier and don’t generally leave that stuff lying around in brig as lawyer. I grabbed the saw from brig medbay area after the borg refused to go away and kept harassing me with injections and whacked it a few times. I went into wardens office to paint a lightbulb after the borg went in there for ??? and jumped on the secway to get away from the laser turrets setup in the armory which were shooting at me.

I dont see any mention in the stuff you posted about an attempt to ask them why they had the secway or if they had permission to have it.

Which means that if you proceeded straight to flashing you pretty much just decided to escalate straight to ‘le valide hunte’ for a crime that under new space law will get you a ticket fine.


Sorry that this has been stale for so long. Will see that i can resolve this in the near future.

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Combat logs between stupidmoran and blutenherz (yes there from earliest to latest, fixed in the future logs)


Saylogs blutenherz


Saylogs from stupidmoran


Alrighty i’ve looked at the logs and overall agree with you that the language @StupidMoran used wasn’t great at all. It would be really bad if he yelled at you without there being any form of provocation. You’re borg play was completely over the top though and considering that i’d rule that it was borderline acceptable. But, @StupidMoran as an advice, try and be more civil in the future. Especially considering your history, you know what i mean. I did check the logs in regards to powergaming, but you did use the circular saw only after you got assaulted by the cyborg and i wouldn’t consider only having the throwing stars to be powergaming. ( but you really should’ve given them to the warden)

I always feel really really bad to punish people that make a player report especially because it scares people even more to make player reports, but i can’t just ignore very bad behaviour when i see it. @Blutenherz your borg gameplay was far from being okay.

First and foremost you don’t really care about space law as an asimov/crewsimov cyborg as long as it doesn’t lead to crewharm. It would be metagaming to assume that they are an antagonist if they steal the blueprints for example, and thus it would lead to harm. It obviously wouldn’t be okay if someone steals the captains laser gun for example, as you can directly relate this to harm.

Now to get that out of the way, you also aren’t allowed to ignore law 2 commands as long as the law 2 action does not cause human harm or breaks our server rules.
And you definitly aren’t allowed to pepperspray them, flash them, then literally inject them 20 times with tiring solution. I’ve noted you for this.

Report rejected