Unknown CKEY, Oganesson CXVIII Player Report

CKEY: Halinder

   Your Discord: N/A

   Offender’s CKEY:  Unknown

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Oganesson CXVIII

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/5/2019

   Round Number: 9898

   Rules Broken: Rule 3, No Self-Antagging

   Incident Description: During a power outage, Oganesson CXVIII attempted to breach the armory as a non-antag. I was a security officer and tried to arrest him. I used a DRAGnet to snare him so that I could arrest him. In retaliation, he murdered me with a baseball bat, saying that I "shot first". He knew exactly what a DRAGnet was, comparing it to a disabler later on, but said that because I "shot" at him he had a reason to kill me.

   Additional Information: This was supposed to be handled in-round, but there was a lot of self-antagging going on and so the round was forcibly restarted. Next round, admins told me to put in a report.

aight g so the story goes a bit like

me n the cargo boys thought it was lings or some shit so we decided to get weapons, as per cargo always does

power went out, all my cargo teccies are nowhere to be seen, only homie i got with me is my broseph @fighterslam the miner of pussy shafts

i decide to check on the armory sec because you know, it’s probably lings, and lings have a habit of autism screeching the combat ability out of sec officers, and it’s my holy duty as the quartermaster to be the captain when the rest of the command structure is gone

since the power is out on account of the power sink, i don’t really need an ID card or anything like that, i can just crowbar my way through the doors

i crowbar my way through the doors

by the time i hit the security gear room and see that sec is doing fine, and the armory has gone rather surprisingly unlooted, armsky gets aggroed by my validhunting bat in my hand, i take this as my cue to return to everett back in cargo

literally as i am running away, you get aggroed by me being in sec, which is somewhat understandable, and start popping off at me with the dumbass lookin megaphone, like bro, just get energy bolas and put them in your bag or some shit

i decide to keep fleeing, up above the gulag teleporter into the brig infirmary, through the maintenance tunnel there, past the vault, and into the cargo warehouse, because this is meta station, and the maint connecting cargo and brig is actually surprisingly short

you opt to pursue me through the maintenance, where we then catch up with one another inside the cargo warehouse, you pop off about 3 megaphone snares and i dodge literally all of them, fleeing into the main cargo bay, because this is cargo and i got the home field advantage here

as you’re pursuing me into the main cargo bay, you hit yourself with one of your own megaphone snares (what did i say about energy bolas being superior), which is understandable considering the debuff that all sec get in cargo, as well as the close quarters of the cargo warehouse

seeing that i have the upper hand, i rush back into the cargo warehouse with my baseball bat, and since you’re slowed down by the snare, and the baseball bat absolutely fucking shreds in close quarters, you end up getting fucking sodomized by my cargonian baseball bat

after that, everett shows up and we robust owen mcbruh togethor, a cracker with the contract kit, sleeping carp, and other traitor shit

to be straight with you that round was a shitshow in all regards because we got fuckin hotel staff and the captain murderboning as non antags with the his grace

i was gonna legitimately build a comms console in cargo and end our torture, had it not been for the combined efforts of the floor clown and the murderboning captain armed with a golden his grace

but tbh you kinda were the one to shoot first and pursue me as well

also if you’ve seen me play any other roles than QM, you would know that i would know what the hell a dragNET is

ok so you killed him because he snared himself?

nah i sodomized his ass with the baseball bat because he was pursuing me

this plasmid was like, chasing me down n shit

Break into secure area as non-antag, get shot at with a non-lethal weapon, then beat someone to death for it. Interesting…

to be honest that round was a total fucking shitshow anyways, you should have seen the murderboning hotel staff with the his grace, and then the captain who proceeded to pick up the his grace, convince themselves that it made them an antagonist, and then opted to attack their own crew with the his grace

Yeah I was killed by the chaplain in the bar who had it. I’m still not getting why you would beat someone to death for “pursuing you”.

because when the station has gone to the levels of shit that it has, with there being no power across the station, and multiple atmospheric failures, what makes you think sec is gonna actually legitimately go through the proper brigging procedure and instead just haram baton with zap stick

Probably because the weapons I used on you consisted of a dragnet and a disabler and never once a harm weapon.

“Everything is going to shit, let me make it worse by self-antagging” Solid logic, respect.

You cannot escalate to lethals when a security officer attempts to arrest you with a nonlethal weapon.


sec officer was probably going to try and permabrig us both for being near armory.

also, i thought the guy was a ling disguised as sec so he would have an excuse to capture us

doesnt matter if he’s going to permabrig you or not. Do not. Escalate to lethals. When arrested

if you know he’s gonna execute you? yeah, its valid. Arrest? perma? no

to be fair i was using the excuse of the station having torn itself apart to explain why i didn’t try to clone the fool

I don’t even know who Fighterslam is. I was only going for Oganesson and had no second target.

This defense also loses any sort of validity when you consider I had a loaded shotgun full of beanbag rounds and didn’t use it because I didn’t want to do brute.

bro that report on organelson do be damning doe

I’ve looked through window’s notes and previous offenses and shall apply a one week supply and assistant ban.

it takes a real fucking idiot to get banned from cargo roles am i right

How the fuck does assistant ban even work. If no roles are available, you get to play as ghost. based.

I’ll be honest here. This is a shitshow. An honest to god, absolute shitshow.

Shooting the QM without any visible intent to be a menace, or that they even have a gun or want to harm you is bad. He was peacefully leaving and you fired the first shot. Shame on you.

He then left and you followed him, into maint. You also walked into cargo, his home turf, where anyone on his team is likely to help. You get you ass handed to you, and are killed. Shame on you.

But also shame on him.

Windows, I expect more from you while council. While murder is acceptable on LRP (sec trying to dragnet you and possibly do the most shitsec thing possible - leaving you in an untimed cell), you should have taken care to possibly clone or leave him in crit and taking him to med. Shit happens. Nobodys perfect.

The best I can say to this is for both of you to man up and deal with it.

move on.