[Unknown CKEY of Milly] Player Report

CKEY: Kontaminant

Your Discord: Don’t use discord

Offender’s CKEY:

Offender’s In-Game Name: Milly

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03-03-2022

Round Number: 36458

Rules Broken: 1 You Must Roleplay, 8 Do Not Grief

Incident Description: I and Milly spawn as explorers. Some minutes into round I gib Milly with C4, steal moth wings from remains and put Millys head into a crate, get wings implanted onto my character in medbay, get arrested while on surgery table and tell security where to find Milly’s head for revival. I then spend the remainder of the round tending plants in perma as I was sentenced for my crimes. Milly at some point much much later decides to validhunt me and remove me from the round, finds me in perma tending plants. Proceeds to break glass from space, I start barricading the windows with wooden walls, glass breaks, I start stabbing back with carrot shiv as inside is now depressurised and I’m slowly dying from pressure and oxygen loss anyway, I run out as a last ditch attempt and die fighting. Milly takes my corpse and spaces it in hyperspace with explorer ship.

Was originally attempting to gib my corpse, but miraculously decided not to as a borg was coming in from off screen, some good premonition there.

Additional Information: Milly was not an antagonist according to moodlet at the time I checked. I was an antagonist. I’m assuming Milly got cloned from brain/head and may have used knowledge from right before death, having not roleplayed 5 minute memory hole from cloning. Or someone told them what happened.

It’s an extremely shitty thing to do from the player since I went out of my way to make sure they are revived and can continue playing. Doubly surprising as I was told the player in question is a moderator and should know better.

Round end report shows they were an antagonist. Perhaps someone made them antag during round.


I was the warden, sad to hear you got killed. I thought you escaped yourself after our conversation, not that you got murdered. Even if she was an antag AND was told that you killed her, fully seeking you out in perma just to kill you does seem a bit too far.

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I was HoS this round. I can verify that indeed he was a tot and was permad for his crime of prime murder (despite bee boy’s suggestions). Milly was indeed revived and I remember later on that the prema was depresurized for some reason. I assumed you cryoed.

To be fair you did rip her wings off and then had them placed on you so that was kinda fucked up. But if she really did it yeah then it’s too much.

EDIT: Well Milly was a tot so this seems pretty IC to me.

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I specifically checked and people in deadchat were also surprised that Milly was not antag at the time of the killing.

I mean, if someone murdered you, ripped your wings off, gibbed you, and tried to have them implanted as a trophy… that sounds pretty IC to me for them to be put out if the found out about it another way after being cloned.

I was doing surgery in the bay across from when this guy was trying to get wings installed so sec definitely knew he was a criminal. If Milly found out what they did I don’t see why it wouldn’t be IC for them to use the tools they have to go after their killer in that circumstance (with appropriate IC consequences from security).

I do not know how Milly was revived, I was probably putting all the limbs back on a lizard nugget at the time. They showed up later at medbay with the third explo, dead, that I ended up reviving.

For reference, from the round report:

Not_a_Shark was Milly the Exploration Crew and survived
(used 0 TC)

Objective #1 : Steal a sliver of a supermatter crystal. Be sure to use the proper safety equipment when extracting the sliver! Fail.
Objective #2 : Download 24 research nodes. Success!
Objective #3 : Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody. Fail.
The traitor has failed!

I’m just fascinated how there was no moodlet indicating that they were an antagonist at the time. Perhaps we all imagined it :^)

I admit, it’s late (2 AM) and I and others in dead chat might have misread the moodlets, maybe only I checked and read them wrong. If they were indeed an antag at the time of the killing then I hold no issue with their actions.

Well once they got put in perma punishment had been meted out. Vigilantism isn’t a good thing, thats why valid hunting isn’t allowed. Not that this was validhunting, just making a point.

notashark \ Milly \ Exploration Crew \ traitor \ ROUNDSTART

Milly was a roundstart traitor.


Good enough for me. I retract my report and apologize for the 2 slight angry messages in deadchat.


I guess it’s code fuckery, I’m 100% sure she didn’t have it.

Actually, I think she was cloned. So the tot moodlet may have not carried over.


Guess the ghost were in the wrong bc we all checked to see that she didn’t had the moodlet(or yeah, it doesn’t get carried post cloning, because she was just a head and got clonned)

In anycase we saw Milly breaking into perma, kill Tim and drag him in front of exploration shuttle for a shuttlegib, instead milly stuffed him in a box and dropped him on another z level

But ye the wing part might justify everything under IC even if u were already in perma, maybe their reaction was a little too muchl

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This is an excellent point, might be a bug that someone should report.


Hey there, I was told by a officer who killed me, and knowing my PDA/uplink was destoryed by them, marking me for death by the syndicate as withot it i could not steal the SM sliver. As for the lack of RP i agree we booth just jumped to mecahnics straght away… but lad! you had millys floof! and nobody can steal a moths floof!

And id like to note… you didnt make any attmpted to RP when you killed me. just attcked me with a toolbox


It’s totally fine with me to get wordlessly murdered by antags (and do the same to my targets), though of course I’ll be mad right after. I expect nothing else from ss13 mechanics.

As I stated earlier, report was done mainly because I didn’t see the antag moodlet.

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round start murder as traitor is fine, as you said. So I wil just close this