Unknown CKEY (Ismael Meyers) Player Report

CKEY: 4rchibald

Your Discord: 4rchibald

Offender’s CKEY: - (unknown for me)

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ismael Meyers

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-16-2020

Round Number: 11524

Rules Broken: 1, 2, 3, 7

Incident Description: Ismael Meyers was a station engineer who decided to reinforce engineering and went as far as removing multiple doors and rwalling maints far beyond our department, during this construction project they cut the wire and placed rwall on it, we were on Box with its weak wire layout so half of station lost power (including atmos, medbay (i think someone actually got ejected from cloning because of that), science and more). I located where the wire was cut but I was stopped by Ismael Meyers, they started to countering my efforts to deconstruct the rwall, then started shoving me and stealing my tools, when I got new ones they kept doing the same and finally straight up attacked me. I got deepcritted and would have die if AI in shell didn’t intervene and take them away, then I was brought to medbay where I was healed but Ismael Meyers who was fully in selfantaging mode, destroyed AI shell and decided to hunt me down, attacked me and after some beating cuffed and brought to maints where they removed my envirohelmet resulting in my death. They later killed RD Sparky, who was our only head at the moment.
I’m not exactly sure what happened to them, they went out in space and died there somehow. I was still dead when they died (but was paying attention to other things that were happening) and they were still raging on ghost chat how they were right and it was me, ai and everyone else who pushed them to start killing cause we could have just left that rwall alone and bypass wire all around through hallway, they felt no remorse and didn’t understand at all how their actions were wrong neither how they were the ones responsible for power lose in the first place and if anyone they should be bypassing it, nor for killing others.

Additional Information: It is unknown if they did it on purpose or not, at first I thought I was just a mistake, removed wire unintentionally when they were removing the airlock that originally was in that spot but when I learned about it and tried to fix it they whispered to me

Ismael Meyers whispers, “I cut it.”

Ismael Meyers whispers, “For the glory of our nation.”)

And then continued

Ismael Meyers whispers, “This is the dawn of a new era.”

Ismael Meyers whispers, “We make power only for us.”

Ismael Meyers whispers, “Anyone else wants power, we sell them.”

Ismael Meyers says, “Join the revolution fam.”

I also don’t believe they are new players, they knew exactly what they were doing starting from engineering work to robusting people, so they should be well aware that this behaviour is wrong. And probably they were aware and maybe they just calculated that no admins on server means they can do whatever they want…


bruh u got clapped u played plasmeme from what i assume why didn you get armed as a precaution if he shoved you alot.

I was the A.I. that round.
The station was loosing power and the engies were fighting about something so I decide to check. I noticed the power wires at engineering are cut and walled off with multiple reinforced walls, so I try to reroute the power through hallways when I hear one of the engies scream on comms about the other one beating him up.
I run over to them, flash the attacker (Ismael Meyers)and pull him to sec and he starts ranting about how he is the victim and how flashing him is human harm cus he runs into the walls while flashed. I call the acting captain (RD) to sec to arrest him, while he starts breaking out of sec. RD comes, doesn’t give a shit and tells me to let him go, so I do.
I drag the plasmeme to medbay, heal him from -99 health and after a bit I go back to engie to find all my work trying to get power back undone.
Ismael runs up to me, chain flashes me and kills my shell. I call him out over comms and tell people to “neutralize him” (ok may have been a bit vague). They hide in maints and after some time passes I hear the plasmeme scream over comms again (he is killed).
I request the RD to build me another shell so we can hunt him down together, but he decides to try to arrest him himself, runs in alone and promptly gets robusted and his shit stolen.
I lock the two in at one of the solar SMES so he can’t space the cuffed RD and tell people their position over comms.
Ismael rcd deconstructs the windows, welds the airlocks shut and yeets himself into space, resulting in the RD’s death and the guy is never heard of again.

Huge self antag, killing the plasmeme twice, the RD once, once an A.I. shell and probably can be considered griefing, since he went out of his way to fuck up the station and killed everyone trying to fix it. Most we did was try to arrest him, try to get power back up and the plasmeme might have used some self defence.

Bruh cringe “arm yourself if he shoves”