[Unknown CKEY] Detective Player Report (Grundig T900)

CKEY: Impish_Delights

Your Discord: Impish Delights#1498 / Vicki#8951

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Grundig T900

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07-08-2022

Round Number: 39162

Rules Broken: 1 - You Must Roleplay

Incident Description: It was a heretic round, and I did some low-level crimes of breaking and entering (tech storage for insulated gloves first), peppering maintenance with runes, and generally just prepping for when I start doing stuff. I break into viro via maintenance and start talking with my first sacrifice target, they call me out as a heretic immediate as they saw me drawing a rune earlier. We talk back and forth until an engineer arrives, and the viro reports me to them, who then calls security to virology. I throw a few bolas and stun hand the viro, before getting bola’d by the engineer who runs away after stam critting me with wall shoves. All good so far (for the most part).

While walking around after being helped up by the bartender (also a heretic, also hunting after the viro). I notice that Beepsky is chasing me and trying to arrest me, so I run into maintenance and see the Det tripping over the Beepsky to follow me. I hide after getting away, before getting spotted once again. The detective, without saying a single word, immediately opens fire on me with their revolver, and I throw a bola at them in response before running again and accidentally backing myself into a corner.

We were technically on Red because the malf AI went Delta, before being carding, but I believe it was reverted to blue afterwards. There were also active security officers (which I checked while dead, by peaking at a vitals console).

While backed into a corner, using nothing but regular bolas to attempt to keep them at bay, they charged me and unloaded their entire revolver into me, stam critting me. I managed to tap them once with my grasp, but they were able to recover before I could do anything else. Instead of then cuffing me, they continued to unload more rubbershot into me, putting me into hard-crit, and then continued to fire more bullets into me after that. I am eventually cuffed and brought to the brig medbay to be revived, before being perma’d for the rest of the shift.

Additional Information: I am sick of detectives playing as security officers when there are security officers active, it is literally the first bulletpoint in the detective’s SOP and I still see it so so so often.


Just pulled this off the space law wiki… Keep in mind that being an Enemy of the Corporation is already a capital crime, plus you said you were in Red/Delta Alert?

" There are a few circumstances where deadly force is permissible:

  • Code Red Situation - situations which would warrant a Code Red, such as: full blown mutinies, hostile boarding parties, and Space Wizards automatically authorize lethal force.
    Note: The Alert Status is not required to be elevated to Code Red as in most of these scenarios the Chain of Command will be too damaged or otherwise occupied to raise the Alert Level."
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As far as I recall, the alert level was lowered back to blue after the AI was dealt with by the acting captain (CMO on low pop), and later green once the other heretic was apprehended.

I understand that being a hetetic is a captial (that warrents no trial), my issue is the fact that the Detective should not be making arrests, let alone chasing suspects into maintenance and wordlessly unloading into them with their revolver.


Except this is a roleplay server, with the first and foremost rule being “You must roleplay”. End of Story.

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I know this is a roleplay server, hence why they were cuffed and revived instead of being unceremoniously hucked out an airlock to chants of “based based based”. I get the point is to at least attempt a roleplay, but in red/delta alert due to rampant death and destruction from a malf AI and widespread cultists, maybe “Hey fella, i noticed you were doin extremely illegal things, mind if I stand here and call for backup, instead of using my standard issue non lethal (obviously) firearm”

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This is grossly overblowing the AI’s actions. Blue APCs were found about 5-10 minutes into the round and the AI made no attempt to disuade worries brought up by command staff, and about 20 minutes later, Delta was hit due to hostile runtimes (Doomday Device). It was carded and Doomsday was canceled not even a minute later.

We didn’t hit red alert because the command staff thought it was the appropriate alert level, we reverted to it by default due to lowering from Delta. The AI wasn’t even immediately wiped, as the Acting Cap was walking around with it in her pocket, and we returned to blue afterwards.

At the point I was gunned down, the only person dead AFAIK was the janitor who got shuttle gibbed in arrivals, and while heretics were comfirmed, no one has been sacrificed.

Edit: For the matter about being revived, the moment I was brought to brig by Det they argued to leave me dead. I was only revived because the Acting Cap/CMO wanted to hear if I had any last requests (and then I was perma’d)


No buts. Rule 1 is not “kill le badman”, it is “You must roleplay.”

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I wasn’t there at all, I have no frame of reference. I was just pointing out that (per me, some random guy lol not admins) it sounded like a simple case of “hey no fair let me win” I’m sure the logs will bring to light any issues and all!


Y’know actually, upon thinking about this a little bit. Maybe it’d be MORE fun to just roleplay WITH antagonists, like pretend you have no idea what a heretic is be like “hey. quit vandalizing with spraypaint you miscreant!” could open up more interesting avenues for RP than just shooty shooty die revive jail.

You could just play along entirely too, I mean one time a lawyer allowed me, a traitor to sleepy pen and then stick the reverse bear trap on his head. He could get it off by shoving me or running to medbay, but instead he roleplayed it out in front of me. Maybe that’s why I have that memory saved, they actually made an effort to roleplay an entire situation instead of just kicking my ass and calling the cops. Maybe I could RP as a rookie sec officer who doesn’t know what certain shit is (following SoP of course) but maybe that would be more fun?

Wow this thread made me fundamentally re-think roleplaying to EVEN INCLUDE the death of your character

You could even justify it by being like “oh shit universe 334’s Wingo Shatner got dead by space pirates” and then move on to a new canon, they do it all the time in marvel movies!

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So upon investigation, the Detective was the only member of Security at roundstart and the population was very low. Two Security Officers latejoined, but only one joined the round before they engaged.
Due to the presence of multiple known threats and the risk to the lives of the crew, I don’t think that this is a case of a Detective overreaching.
Also, while their say logs were a little bit sparse, I don’t think this was a case of not roleplaying.

Report Rejected.

Thank you for taking the time to write a player report, though.