Unknown Ckey Admin Report

 CKEY: Halinder

Your Discord: N/A

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown. Online admins were Moccha, Bastian0930, Qwertyquerty, and SuperDork55

LRP or MRP server: Golden/LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): N/A

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/30/2019

Round Number:9702

Rules Broken (if relevant): ---

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): ---

Incident Description: Someone decided to make this a king-of-the-hill round where everyone was a traitor. In the custom event information, they only included that they were running an all-traitor round, mentioning nothing of the fact that all traitors were given the following objective:

Objective #1 : Be the last person alive on the escape shuttle at the end of the round!!
People who just joined the round were not made into traitors until 2-3 minutes after they spawned, meaning they could not see this objective and had no idea that they had to be the last man standing. Because of this, a lot of people who joined mid-round were killed within a minute or two of spawning. Ahelps requesting revives were rejected.

Additional Information: Just be clearer in the future, god damn.

The only thing that i’m going to say is : bruh

But for real, if someone was shitter enough to camp in the spawning area of arrivals(where the protection limit is pat the couchs) that guy is a shitter, event or not. Asides since yeah, that people were just freshies, they would have no chance to stop any of the start-round traitors anyways so if someone for real camped arrivals and killed all the newcomers, that’s a bruh moment and his ass must be beaned

i was typing something, but it was almost the same thing as Fronsis. The guy spawncamping should get banned.

Do you have the arrivals camper ckey or in game name?

This is an event we rarely do, but the players wanted it and we hadn’t done it in a long time.

I was attempting to make sure that every single player got the traitor objective, but had to go for a bit, told the other admins to take over but they did not.

There was a notice to make sure that new joiners knew what was going on however.

Wasn’t just one dude. I got my head stomped in by the HoP but I’d already gotten to command hallway. It was still within a minute of spawning so not all of the murder occurred in Arrivals. see:

The notice only mentioned it was all-traitors, not that everyone was meant to be the only one left alive on the shuttle. That small difference could really have helped us out a lot.

Not all the spawn-killing occurred in arrivals. Our movement speed is ridiculous so a lot of people can easily get to the middle of the station w/in thirty seconds.

As soon as you leave arrivals you are valid to the “”“spawn camping”""

Right, that wasn’t the complaint, the complaint was that y’all didn’t include in the custom event info that it was last man standing so no one knew that they were supposed to defend themselves/attack others/be the last person alive on the shuttle. Because of that, a lot of people walked out and got insta-fucked.

Noted for future SSB events to make sure that the admin notice is clearer

Much thanks, that’s all I wanted out of this.

This isn’t what admin reports are for.