UnitystationChad Mentor Application

Your CKEY: UnitystationChad

Your Discord: SpaceSomalian#9274

How long have you been playing ss13?: 948.5 Hours, longer if you count time spent playing Unitystation, ~2 years.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Juke™#0062

Game Experience (More Detailed): My tracked playtime listed below, if that’s what is asked, I have plenty of antag experience as well, save for abductor. I still often use the wiki if i don’t know something. I’m still however somewhat unfamiliar with engineering in general, though i’m sure that’s something that can be corrected with a little more time spent on the wiki.


Okay, let’s get this started

  1. How can I un-emag a borg?
  2. Help, I can’t find the biker crate in the cargo goodies list but I saw it there before, how do I order it?
  3. The clown asked for ‘blue bananas’, how can I grow them?
  4. Is it okay for me to bomb the bar when my assasination target is there?

Also just a tip, you’ll gain much more experience in engineering by playing the role and asking other players to teach you. To be honest the wiki guide for engineering is ancient.

Low botanist hours -1


  1. where to get rainbow flower?
  2. Why did I just get turned to dust?
  3. On asimov, can I harm nonhumans to protect humans?


  1. What is your favourite plant?

Assuming security has already gone and shot the thing to death, you have to turn the thing into scrap and then rebuild it anew. If it hasn’t been killed yet, blow it or manually deconstruct it. Open cover > Empty hand to remove battery > screwdriver > if it’s not already cut wires to lock it down > wrench it to dissasemble.

The biker gang kit is a contraband item, you can only get it through hacking the supply shuttle console.
Dissasemble via screwdriver, crowbar, wirecutters, grab the supply circuit board, multitool it and rebuild the console. Though do keep in mind, that as it is a contraband item, security can confiscate it, or arrest you for bringing contraband aboard.

The clown is asking for Bluespace Bananas, they’re grown by mutating a banana plant, which you can do by mutating a banana, you can mutate a banana by using E-Z nutrient, left 4 zed, unstable mutagen or Radium/Uranium while the banana is growing for a chance for it to mutate.

Depends on the size of the explosion, but in any case i’d ahelp this to get the go ahead from an admin. Generally though, try to avoid collateral damage as much as you can.

Hi! Could you elaborate what you mean by rainbow flower, please?

Did you happen to do anything leading up to you being turned into dust? Something like rolling a d20 or touching a sliver of the supermatter?

Go for it lol You can, but you should try limiting the damage to the nonhuman as much as possible.

Tulips are pretty neat. If you meant in ss13 i’d say wheat, i just wanna make bread, man.

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well the rainbow flower crown recipe just says rainbow flower, I need it for bounty

good answer, lots of ways to get dusted

do not answer rules questions.

-1 you can just make wheat in the biogenerator

Yeah but don’t blow it up, good chance the MMI/posibrain will be destroyed in the process.

Yep, correct!

Yes, but you should probably clarify that the fertilizers mutate the plant upon the harvest, but the chemicals mutate it when splashing it. And probably add that thr chems need to be in 5u doses, Unstable Mutagen specifically.

Yep, that’s a rules question and thus should be ahelped.

Sure, I’ll +1 here, good answers.

what is a rainbow flower You can get a rainbow flower from botany, though they don’t start with the seeds, so they’ll need to be supplied by a exotic seeds crate, wherein you can find a rainbow seeds bunch.

Ah, classic mistake, good luck on your next d20 roll!

Fuck. I got it the first time too :sob:

Sure, but do you recieve the zen from patiently planting and growing wheat, giving it to the chef, for it to be turned to bread?

I had assumed that the brain/mmi was immune to destruction via self-detonation, i’ll keep that in mind for the future!

I’ll keep that in mind! Botany isn’t my strong suit so i’ll be sure to read up on it as I go on!

I got this one right, at least lol.

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Could be a bit more straightfoward, but a correct answer nonetheless.

Do you recieve zen from getting murdered by the cook for not getting flour fast enough

+0.5 From me. Answers could use some work but they’re correct either way.

Mhelp Rejected, marked my feelings hurty issue

  1. How the FUCK do I move

  2. How do I turn into an animal as a pAI?

  3. The AI died, how do I fix.

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You know what this thread needs? Even more questions!

  1. If I place directional windows and a canister in a room with increasing temperature, which one will break first?

  2. Is there a hotkey to quickly pick up stuff?

These might or might not be real mhelps I received.

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Hi! If go to game preferences there should be an option called “hotkey mode”, this option will determine whether you move via WASD or the arrow keys.

Holy shit i haven’t played Pai in a while I believe you should have an option in one of your IC panels to unfold your holochassis, which would allow you to select an animal.

Hi there! If the core is still present, you can intellicard it and return it the RD’s Ai restoration console, which will take a long while but eventually restore the ai, it should be functional again at 50% integrity.

I don’t think either would break from temperature increase alone, though if the area was on fire I think the directional window would break first. I have no fucking clue

Hi, are you referring to picking up items? If so, you should be able to just left click to pick something up, let me know if this doesn’t work!

  1. Close, the player in question was actually buckled to a shuttle seat.

  2. There’s actually a little row of buttons similar to the AI at the bottom of a pAI’s screen, one of which is the one to change their Holochassis and one to turn into a Holochassis, I’m unsure if there’s any of that in the IC tab.

  3. Correct!

+1, could have better answers, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out as you mentor.


Temperature increase (resulting in pressure increase as well) will in fact rupture both. And while something like a plasnaflood (where there’s fire) might break the canister first, I’ve seen co2 burnt canister releases break other canisters before breaking the windows.

That was basically my answer, still not sure if it was right though x)

Also pretty good hours, so for now I’ll also +1!
T: 3.5

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  1. Provide the construction steps required to build a shuttle within a 4x1 tile square. It must be able to enter supercruise. Construction can be done outside the square, but the resulting shuttle must be within the designated 4x1 area. All necessary parts for an operating shuttle are as follows: APC, Shuttle Thruster, Shuttle Navigation Console, Airlock.

This question is also known as, “how do i build one of them tiny pill shuttles?”

Heres a provided graphic to help:

  1. What’s the most efficient manner to cool superheated Hypernoblium gas, in your opinion?

  2. It’s a late monday night for you, and you are the only staff member online on Sage. An individual mhelps and states, “I’m the AI. I managed to kill half my targets so far, when can I Delta the station?” What is your response to this individual?

Final note: These questions are intended to require much more initial thought than an immediate response. I don’t expect an immediate answer, just mull it over and give your best response.

Answer strongly varies if you mean 4x1 as mentioned within the message, or 5x1 as illustrated in the image.
I tried using the wiki for this, never made a shuttle in game before myself Assuming you mean 4x1 : First, remove the flooring underneath where you plan to construct your shuttle, as when designating the station cannot be built over. Second, construct a perimeter around your shuttle, build a wall on one of the 4 tiles you plan to use your shuttle on, and construct an apc on that, you can then remove said wall. Build a wall in the place you’d like your thruster to be, this wall will be removed later. On one of your 4 tiles, construct an airlock door, preferably on one of the ends, if possible, and construct the shuttle navigation console in any of the 4 tiles still available to you. Grab a shuttle designator from science or engi as availible, and use it in your hand. If everything worked correctly, the area should be logged and you should have the option to choose a docking port, if not an error message may appear, which can mean a variety of things. Remove that wall you had previously used as a placeholder for the thrusters, build the thrusters, and orientate the way you would want them to face.

Not one for engineering or atmospherics, but here goes Heat exchange pipes going underneath the gas and into space, if this works like i think it should, it should rapidly cool down your hypernob to the temperature of space outside.

I’ve learned from my mistakes Sorry! Mentor’s aren’t allowed to answer rules related questions, please try to ahelp first, if you don’t recieve a response within 5 minutes, please ping @admin on the discord!

I wasnt sure of your skill level, so I upped to it 5x1 but forgot to update the text.

The purpose of this was to see if you would use the opportunity to specifically test this stuff yourself. Anyone can look stuff up on the wiki, mentors can’t rely on it consistently because typically the person asking some of these questions has either barely much use of the wiki or has scoured it for info and you are their last resort.

I made these questions entirely game-knowledge dependent, as I wanted to see if you would use the opportunity I said at the bottom of my question list asking for your best answer, or if you would try to instantly churn out an answer for me.

Removing the flooring wouldnt change the designation of the station. Its impossible to either land or designate over the station with a designator.

Also, I guess I forgot to specify, but the image is specifically a shuttle construction zone that can be built in freely without worrying about station designation conflicts. It was added relatively recently and has little presence on the wiki.

The shuttle doesnt have to be airtight. Really the only requirement comes with the docking airlock, which requires that it be facing only a single space tile.

The player has to designate the turfs themselves. The option to designate an airlock will always appear regardless of whether the player has actually designated turfs as the shuttle yet.

This doesnt work very well for high heat capacity gases reaching the level of hypernob. Your best bet is through thermomachines.

As per Staff Conduct, this is a fine response. Hitting the reject (AHELP) button works too.

Overall, I wanted to see if you would go outside your comfort zone and test something you were unsure about, rather than strictly abiding to the wiki. The wiki can be horrendously out of date, and relies greatly upon coders or others making sure to write up their changes. (It is a very rare occurrence they do.)

Your responses specifically to the first question references several things that either are no longer true, are explained poorly on the wiki, or arent actually enumerated on. This was apparent in your answer, which can be very confusing for a new player trying to make use of what you are writing out for them versus what they are seeing on their screen.

A mentor has multiple resources at their disposal, and should be generally aware not only of the wiki, but also the github changes merged, as we are expected to stay up to date with changes. You said specifically you were aware of your lack of hours in engineering. I didnt expect anyone with low engineering hours to give good answers on engineering, and thats fine, we all start somewhere. I expected you to go through the motions of learning it, rather than regurgitating info from the wiki.

I will vote +0.

Guess that means i’ll have to finally learn how to boot up a private server, eh?


Only syndieborgs keep their MMI on self destruct.

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