Ung Glob the coolest Caveman around selfantagging on a greenshift

In-game report:

   Title: ]Ung Glob] the coolest Caveman around selfantagging on a greenshift
   CKEY: Brille65

   Your Discord: Brille65#2390

   Offender’s CKEY: /

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Ung Glob

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07.18.2020

   Round Number: 18721

   Rules Broken: 2, 3, 5, (probably 14 too since smashing bots is surely not the job of a chaplain)

   Incident Description: This cool person decided, ON A GREENSHIFT, to smash all the cleaning bots i build because the shitty Station was sinking in blood and nobody gave a fuck to clean it. then this cool Caveman broke into Robotics and smashed all the machines because he is an very smart person. I demand this "Person" to be punished. Thanks.

   Additional Information: Additional i want to add that the "Trial Admin" Ravellon should get teached about the Difference about LRP Server and MRP Server because he told me ingame its fucking fine that Unga Bunga is doing this kind of bullshit.

Thanksie ~~

Unlisting since round is ongoing

Round is over, time to hand out the ban.

This guy quite often ignores his job description to instead go full unga bunga all over the station. Very unsuitable behaviour for MRP. Nanotrasen wouldn’t hire an actual caveman, regardless of how hilarious that might sound.
Although I would argue that since it is kind of funny, I would give him some leeway since the rule of fun still applies, but blatantly smashing all the machines in robotics sounds a bit over the top and quite unfunny.


Unga bunga me smash computer for internet points

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IC problem, call security on him.


The Security that dont exist?

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I played this round and there was at least one security officer.

Who Also constantly tried to get SOMEHOW into Robotics to get Augmented EVEN THO the machines where simply GONE…
(And no, he totaly did not care when i told him Unga Bunga did broke the machines)

So its been like 1 week later and i see this fine person is still not banned. Can we get something like an Admin on it? Thanksyyyyyyyy :3

yeah pretty sure he isnt getting banned because its an IC issue and it was a week ago

this dude really wants this guy to be banned, i think that’s kinda weird

Yeah its kinda wierd how people get banned for FAR LESS and this shitter just keeps moving around. Verrrrry wierd

I mean… I’ve never seen him actually attack someone or disturb the round to the point of irreversible damage. An actual ban feels a bit out of proportion to me, even if I don’t think his behavior is actually suitable for MRP.

You can tell they only play on MRP


nothing else needed lol


If this guy is human, he’s not using an actual human name.
Going around doing nothing but vandalism then smashing up a department is NOT mrp. Archanial keeps forgetting this.
Just because it can be handled ICly doesn’t mean it’s an IC issue. (Couldn’t even get handled ICly)
Your character is an adult, act like it.

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Ung is actual human name.

I know Ung and he is not a type of a player to break into departament and smash things randomly. Op had to instigate the conflict at some point.

I’ve seen op several times as roboticist after responding to this post. Every time he acted like a dickhead, one time even getting noted for it.


Yeah i started the conflict with doing a part of my job, creating bots. This smallbrain player then decided oh yolo i go and smash them.
Then when i went out of robotics to get some food and helped out a bit in the medbay, he used the chance to break the machines Robotics…

So you see me, mh? “Acting like a dickhead”, oh you mean when shitters tresspass and break in i get a bit aggressive? Oh i wonder how that may comes!.
And the one note was a borg that drugged me THREE TIMES randomly and the Badmin was like… did you told the borg to stop? How shall i do that when he is instantly gone after injecting. Is this a free ticket to kill people untill they order me to stop? (According to that Admins logic, but to be honest i dont care about this smallbrain Badmin i just want a punishment for Ung Glob. I know this “guy” from Fulp Station, he was the same kind of shitter there)