Unfun Swarmer Player Report


Your Discord:Liver#2932

Offender’s CKEY:unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name:Unknown, a swarmer.

Server (Sage or Acacia):sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):07/06/2023

Round Number:44380

Rules Broken: Antag conduct - didn’t really make the round more interesting, instead just tried it’s best to be as annoying as possible whilst not really fulfilling it’s objectives.

Incident Description: Upon spawning as a swarmer, made a beeline for the ore silo and immediately destroyed it, then tried to destroy the AI but was killed by the turrets. Didn’t seem to make any additional swarmers. Feels like grief, but I’ll leave that to the admin team to suss out.

Additional Information:Franc was right


Is this round over and were you present for the end of round?

You can pull up the previous round end-screen with this verb to grab their CKEY, and also verify whether they utilized the ore silo materials to create more swarmers or not.


Aren’t swarmers supposed to be like that ?
Like the abyss of fun ?
Wasn’t there a bit discussion about this ?


It didnt make a beeline for the AI or ore silo at all?? I joined late but i saw an active swarmer going around eating stuff in maints before it was offered up to ghosts.
Nobody took it so it was afk in a pod for awhile before it started being active again.

And they did in-fact make more swarmers since the round ended with a fair few sentient ones on lavaland bullying a miner (i was one of those on lavaland)

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Hmm, that’s what it felt like, but then again I might just not have seen the swarmer earlier.
I’ll let the staff figure it out, they have access to logs and stuff.

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Probably a good idea lol, i did see it die by the turrets but it was active way before then (unless it was another? I didnt even think of that)

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It might’ve been on Fland. I fixed the Ore Silo and from the looks of it most, if not all, materials were there.

Two infact! Fuck swarmers!

I made a beeline for the ore silo, and proceeded to get over 100 materials, making a swarmer shell, before seeing if I could make a funny situation for the AI and having my dreams foiled.

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So far from what I can tell, they dwelved in maint a bit, then went to the Vault, then went to the AI Chamber and died to the turrets.
They had 47 resources on them, and stated as such, so they still had replication in mind.
Nothing they stated or did hints at a particular problematic behaviour related to rules. If anything, the frustration expressed in this report seems to stem from how the antag is designed in general.

I don’t have the competence to innovate by declaring that the Vault is off-limits to Swarmers, or that they cannot interact with the crew in this fashion.

Report Rejected.