Unfair Role Ban Two Months Ago Still Not Revoked After Meeting Terms

CKEY: Nagitoes

Admin’s CKEY: Zeshkorion

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Role banned from both servers

Ban Type: Role ban for Captain, HoP, HoS, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer, Warden, Detective, Sec

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (11/11/2019):

Round ID: 8965

Ban Reason: Executing someone over hearsay and without any concrete evidence

Appeal Reason: Around two months ago. I got banned forever for the smallest of reasons by an unreasonable admin. I found the body of a dead sec in on the floor and an Atmospheric Technician was jumping around it, someone else said he was the killer, so I arrested him. Additionally, I arrested a clown when a sec flashed him and said he assaulted him, so I then arrested him. I explained this to the admin and they initially seemed understanding when I said it was a genuine mistake and it would not happen again, but then they saw I have messed up in the past and I got perma banned for all my favourite roles without any discussion. I love this game and have been playing for months, I only really enjoy playing those roles I got banned for, and I do not think it was fair for me to get banned for actions I done months ago when I did not care about the game and for a genuine mistake that the admin Zeskorion agrees was just that - a mistake. I love BeeStation but I do not think I can enjoy this game if I am to be banned from all my favourite roles forever. I do not think it is far to ban someone seemingly only for past offences when they’ve “served their time” and accepted the time out without issues, I say this because I cannot understand any other reason why someone would be role banned until year 9999 for making an understandable mistake which was then completely rectified. I did not have the chance to discuss the issue with the admin and try and create some reason before I was banned from nearly every role.

Additional Information: This ban was made around two months ago, I believe I served my time for the misdeeds I’ve done. The ban was sudden and I was not given any warning. After discussing the genuine mistake and letting the prisoner go who had been revived, giving them their stuff, I told Zeskorion I was sorry for the mistake and he immediately said “you’ve had notes from before” and I got role banned forever. I have been playing the game seriously for a long time now and have not had any issues in a long time. Please undo my role bans. I have been playing the only one role I have been able to use for two months now and have not done anything wrong since.

Oh. I still remember this round, and that you had a reputation for doing this kinda shit in general. You say “arrested”- but, if i recall correctly, you killed the clown and cremated the atmos tech immediately.

Your ban only applies to sec and command, there are plenty of roles you can use still. This ban was totally justified, no matter how sorry you were.

It applies to all the main roles. This happened two months ago and you have role banned me from most of the roles over a misunderstanding. My reputation from 5 months ago should not have any bearing on the current situation. I’ve been unable to do much for 2 months I think I’ve served my time fine. A permanent lifetime role ban over an admitted mistake to which the parties affected think was treated harshly is crazy.

No you don’t recall correctly, I have laid it out as it happened in the post and from the logs. Being banned for this long from all the, lets face it, fun roles has really demotivated me from playing the game and even though I’ve not done a single thing wrong in these 2 months I am still not given a second chance to show I can be a good security. I shouldn’t have listened to that person that said he was a criminal, I admit, but we all deserve a second chance after we do our time.

When in doubt, detain.
For further investigation, arrest.
Only when absolutely sure, execute.

If you kill someone who’s innocent, you’re gonna hang.

“main roles”
It applies to head, and security. If these are the “main” roles for you, you need to rethink how you play the game- you dont NEED to be a head to play

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I get that you are another type of player than I am. But I would say that you are spared from som of the most boring jobs in the game. Is you only think sec or heads are fun then you should rethink your aproach to this game as it is so much more than what sec can offer you. If you are desperate for combat you can try mining for example. As let’s face it you are baned from some of the least complex jobs in the game not the fun ones

No it doesn’t. It is far more than that. Any leadership roles are banned completely. It is not just security roles at all or I would not have as much of an issue. I can only play Apprentice and a couple of others.

This is what the roles that have been banned are. I just think that I’ve served my time for 2 months having being banned over a misunderstanding where the party affected agrees the sentencing was harsh and that I should be given a second chance all this time later to play the roles that I love to show you and the community that I have changed and will continue as I have done to play the game properly.

yes. leadership roles ARE banned, because someone like you playing them can ruin rounds for others as well. learn to play in normal roles. that is how to show you have changed- if you still lust to play the roles with the most power over others, you still likely have the same proclivities

Previous appeal today was denied by headmin and this will be mirrored as such