Unban Schneckenhof from MRP Server. Unfair and unreasonable enforcement

Was specifically singled out for a character name.
Cap’N Jack Morgan

Was playing an assistant and playing music on piano for most of the shift.
So its a VERY visible role.

However, I got bwoinked and singled out.

Specifically me. Despite tons of characters with odd or Joke names in the SAME SCREENSHOTS.

Here’s all the screenshots including SEVERAL other IC names that violate that rule.
Notice how the admin says that he hasn’t noticed anyone but me, in the same breath as I’m seeing multiple other IC characters with joke / silly / non appropriate names according to the very rules this admin singled me out for.

Ban at start of next round


Ok. Here’s where I’m being singled out at end of round. Notice ALL THE OTHER IC VIOLATIONS.




I’d disputed this in the round itself. And listed all the other IC examples in the round itself.

“Its HARD to notice a violation”.

How’s about using your eyes? On the Screen? As you type that.
Just Look!

More Absurdity

Just look at the other IC usernames in this. I’d love to see if they all also got bwoinked.

Not to mention “The name of the guy killing me at rounds end” — Adolf Driggers.
Seriously? I’m being dinged over “Cap’N”, but this guy is “A OK”.

More fun names

Admin says “I am not the only person in violation”
—Ok I accept that.

But then Claims I am “Just the First He noticed”.
—Wait…what…Really?? REALLY???

Take a look at the usernames in the SCREENSHOT where he said that.

“James Miller” – SUPER Common Name. But also the Main Character of “The Expanse” currently airing on Amazon Prime. A program about people in a Space War in the near future. But lets not piss off Jeff Besos…or his Intellectual Property.

(God forbid your dinky character be called “Cap’N something”)

“The Lightgeist” - Uh ok. Totally human sounding.

“Crabus Ravus” – Sure if you’re a Roman or a Species of Crab.

“Beans McGee” — Oh come on “Cap’N” was too much for you?, but “BEANS” as a first name is perfectly Fine.

Oh and there’s our old PAL: “ADOLF DRIGGGERS”.

Hmmm His last name really sounds like something else doesn’t it? Perhaps if you dropped the silent D and added an N?

All of that is “A OK”…but I can’t be a “cap’N” as an piano playing assistant.

Where’s “Leiutenant Dan” when you need him? I swear I saw him a couple rounds back on MRP. Surprisingly he actually still had his legs. Hmm.

But I’m sure every one of those visible examples was a perfectly innocent, non racist moth person (who always have super goofy names) and / or borg? Riiiiiiight.

Back and forth with this admin for 15 minutes at tail end of the round. With tons of others with similar (or Worse) usernames, I change the name to be “Cabin” (as in like a nickname), implying I’m a hobo who lives in the woods. Because apparently “BEANS” is a perfectly legit first name. Get into the next round. Bam BAN.

Yea, how’s about we leave the names alone, unless its super egregious and offensive, or your name has “Adolf” in it. Just a thought.

Or at least not have to go back and forth about it the last 20 minutes of the round over something that nobody has complained about the last 20+ rounds I’ve played him.

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Naming policy is in the rules. Admins are being pushed to enforce it and they have to start somewhere.

You weren’t singled out any more than the more than a dozen people this week alone I’ve had to bwoink over a name and subsequently had them try to point out every other name on the server. When I’m joining I go down the name list and force changes + bwoink and note one at a time. Almost every person I have to points out the others on the way.

Additionally, Crabus Ravus is a moth. His name is pushing the line for sure, but again we have to start somewhere. He was just named Crab Rave before and he changed his name to match moth naming convention.

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I see ruko typing and he will be putting more effort in than I am here.

Leitgeist is a mob, not a human.
James Miller is a common human name, I’ve never heard of the expanse and you’re suggesting we have anything to do with Amazon?

Ban deserved. Try to cool off first after being banned, before you post walls of silliness.

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are you admins able to ctrl+f search whatever player name list there is? if so, try searching for things like “adolf” before coming for something like this. I have seen a suprisingly large amount of people named adolf or last names ending in “-itler”

Report them via ahelp and you’ll help bring attention to it more consistently.

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You realize that Adolf is a perfectly regular name, right?


okay sure but we all know what it’s referring too, don’t be dense

“We all know it” is a dumb reasoning. And a great way to open door to abuse of power.

The rule must be clear. While your assumption may be right, even likely to be, the name Adolf is indeed an actual name that many people carry.

So unless it gets explicitly banned or there is an additional reason to see it as rule breaking, like surname Hatler or something along those lines, the name cannot be rule breaking by itself.


Agreed, I think any reasonable person would come to that conclusion.

I’d disagree on that one.

More to the point. “Hitler” is indeed an actual name that many people carry" (although I would assume its a few fewer than Adolf). But everyone knows what you’re trying to say when you go with “Adolf, last name rhymes with extremely offensive term”

For reference:


  • Won a Purple Heart.
  • Also related to the “Other Hitler”. Hence the last name. Even he changed it eventually.

Schneckenhof rhymes with banhof (sp?) and thats a train station. They used trains to cart of you know who you know where.

I think any reasonable person would come to that conclusion.

This is why this reasoning is crap. Adolf Shmitler is fairly obvious, but make sure to clear any reference to all the nazi criminals as well as soviet ones while at it, unless we are just cherry picking which regime we happen to hate the most. But this is getting to political. Normal name, I dont see issues. If you do get some vaginosol.


seems more like this guy was just unlucky ngl.

Ok. I’ve cooled down a tad on that.

I will roll back my complaints about every other “dubious” username except one in particular.

Ok lets just presume all the other ones were totally innocuous / moth man / borg / mob, and totally and utterly not in any conceivable way a reference to any person real or fictional. Including someone named “Beans McGee”…And lets just presume that the admin was acting in good faith and was going down the list alphabetically.

Even removing all that from the equation?

“Adolf Driggers”? Come on now.

Now How does one single out “Cap’N Jack Morgan”


Before “Adolf Driggers”?

I don’t see that username on the ban list?

(I can only assume the name list is alphabetized. AND I will even allow that I may be wrong on that.)

The name Adolf Driggers - Violates Rules 2, 3, 4, right off the bat.

Particularly flirting with the line on “Racial and homophobic slurs are not permitted.” from Rule 3.

Yet “Cap’N” was singled out first and specifically, and banned in the next round AFTER I made a change.

Hence my point. The enforcement was entirely arbitrary.

So to prove this. I am now changing this character’s first name to “Saylor” and before anyone Bwoink’s me for THAT,
That is an ACTUAL common first name AND last name, and more actual people have it than

Reference for “Saylor”:

Reference for “Adolf”:

If anyone Bwoink’s me for Saylor, then there’s absolutely ZERO reason that everyone named “Tailer” or “Taylor” (surname derived from the occupation of “Tailor”) or Smith (Surname derived from the occupation of “Blacksmith”) should be allowed.

Nevermind anyone who is named: Adolf, Hess, or Eichmann, or “Juden” (German word for Jew)

First: The other name in question starts with “Adolf” and the last name has “-iggers” in it.
How blatant do you have to be? I mean you really have to be nearly blind at that point not to see it.

Secondly “Hof” just means courtyard. Its like saying the word Plaza is offensive. Also that is two leaps of logic not one.

That’s pretty brazen of you to jump from “Courtyard” to “Train Station” to “Holocaust”.

Thats like saying “Hof” —> Templehof airport in Berlin —> Hitler’s Bunker

Maybe you should learn its called Vagisil, and that you’re using it wrong, It’s not meant to be ingested.

It was the first and most obvious name in violation of the rule that I saw.

Human’s generally don’t have honorific titles as part of their name.

The ban from the server is an appearance ban, not a game ban.

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I was discussing the name Adolf by itself. And sorry dont know how its called, dont need it.

just change ur name so its human it can still be a jokeish name but change it so its at least logical to be named that and isnt a direct reference like “george floyd”

Again, “everyone knows it” is a dumb reasoning. It makes you assume that what is obvious to you is obvious to everyone. Which is dumb. Better not start at all because that inevitably leads to abuse of power when you inevitably get it wrong.

bro I said like one thing about how adolf as a name is refering to adolf hitler and is bad, and this man is going buckwild trying to defend names like that, what the fuck

Because that is what I did. Naturally.
Can you tell me, in your understanding, what have I taken issue in your comment with?