Unban appeal for papi

Discord ID: @papi
**Admin Discord ID: @Ruko

**Ban Type: ban from discord server

**Ban Length: not specified

**Ban Date: december 15 2020

**Ban Reason: “enough of this farce, stop pushing the line on the racism, come back once you vouch for the game”

Appeal Reason: for instance i think this is an impulsive ban
Ruko has kicked me out of the server for no reason once in the past, callin me a troll and refusing to listen, that time i laughed it off with a picture of “ill never have sex with you” but now i got muted, and he and a person called valentine were talking about species racism in game, and ruko kept antagonizing me even when i did agreed with his opinons on the use pf double g in the term lizzerd (parodic satire to the nword but with lizzards, its been around for a time it seems)
and even then, he called me a troll like he had done before from the fact i intentionally qupted the tg chemistry guide because it was the hahas from time to time
and now the mister seems to feel like borderline racism is a good ambiguos term to get someone banned for no reason

Additional Information: all polotical debate aside, i and so did they, were both talking about racism in game, but not racism racism betwewn humans, but with other species, lizzards in this case
giving ideas for satiric slurs like “scale skin” or “green skin” ruko was rather talking about direct reference to the nword via the lizzerd term was bad which is, well whatever, acceptable
then i begun to talk about actual american history and how racism adapted to still exist evem after so long
how the lore racism for lizzards wasnt our current racism but the one post civil war
where whites looked down on blacks and treated them as inferior beings
same way humans in NN station do with other races

i dont know which part of this he took as borderline racism, recognizing racism and how it slowly acts like a cancer for society, causing several social and economical problems and how it may evolve
what does one thing has to do with the other?

picture resembling does the crime to make emphasis on what i was talking about
a clear parody of antisemitism (more specificly, of the cartoons that used to be made)
(antisemitism is hate agaisnt jews if it wasnt clear yet)

Maybe the part where you bypassed the nword, got muted, then bypassed it again.

no but that got me muted
that wasnt what i got banned for
(btw are ya does the crime? can ya repost the lizzard pic i made of you? i ant upload it)

I will not lift this unless I am forced to. Players who are permabanned from the game who also end up banned from discord to shouldn’t even have their discord bans considered until the game ban is lifted.

I couldn’t tell for sure if it was trolling or not, but with several exasperated people tired of dealing with your shenanigans I figured it was time to pull the plug. You went far enough to get muted, and then kept pushing. Sit in the hole you dug.

Requires second opinion and investigation. @GameAdmin

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i hope you are forced to, glad to hear atleast it will be investigated i guess
i must protest in the last thing tho, kate the alchemist doesnt counts as a “people”, its the single one that hasnt falled victim of my precious persuation and enchanting defusement, he hates me becauase i told him how big bod no gud the spanish were, not to be confused with the mexicans who are irish’s lads
thank you for comin to me ted talk
papi will not ask you for your password

So going to have to say I agree with Ruko. If you got banned in game, and then started dicking around on the discord in a way that was likely to piss people off there’s no reason to lift the discord ban until you deal with the game ban.

As well if this is a complaint about Ruko specifically that would be something for an admin report, not your ban appeal.


(for 20 characters: i have no reason to report ruko, it would only generate harm without even benting in the slightest at the mercy of a conclusion i can consider fair
in any case however i do see this not more than a technisism to make me vouch my other appeal
which fucu i dont wanna do yet, but forces admims to not even consider a questionable ban that may have as well been unfair
making a whole admin report about ruko would only create me enemies that would exploid these technisisms to end my humild chemist life
in a way or another im either stupid and will remember what i saw for self protection to avoid this from happening again
i wanna say thing i absolubtly noticrd but i wonder if its too early, id certainly love to be forced to so its not my fault and you lot can have your admin report thing)
it enlongated more than i thought

Going to go ahead and mark this as denied for the sake of keeping old threads closed, now that the actual report on me has been dismissed and the community removal has been agreed upon.

@Caecilius @SuperDork55 @bloons3

Pings for attention to cover myself since this had the tone of a report despite being an appeal.