Unban appeal for Misurn, the lad who got shot by detective to death

Skewium is a blessed chem.

To elaborate on what pixel said about it.

It makes your screen freak the fuck out and flip everywhere, and has a decent chance to crash your byond client.

Don’t force people to take it as a non-antag.

Skewium on it’s own is a very bad chem to use, it’s effects are too heavy for byond to handle, it might crash or even freeze and force you to restart.

ay dude its my seccond time making itm i tested rotatium with myself before and i saw in the guide i could really make it easily once i had rotatium, if its bad bad uncome from god hands there should atleast a description that says it may actually crash your game and get you lynched like Life, i thought it was just the haha’s

mmnmhhmmk, i guess thats fair, but stealing my srynge gun and abandoning me in sec with hos busy just because they couldnt prove anything isnt fair, i also cooperatedin everything and said out loud and lowkey explained the chems those were as det didnt know chemistry (edit: cmo was also there to confirm)

yeh i did, but they denied ding it and got a way with a big ba gin their hands

lol i thought it was rotatium but aaaa

(is rotatium is fine? i tested it on myself and game didnt crash, falling over was more annoying that the effect itself)

(edit: reply to , sorry cant make another one @Demdisco
Mhm, if you pile up these stuff to those few people that are actually honest they will begin to change the unprovable truth at will

if it helps i can atleast say i didnt steal the locker and didnt touch ANYTHING else, just looked for a replacement and cmo wasnt around, breaking in sincerely its worse than the fact i took the srynge gun.

Now. is that really relevant? its not like i destroyed his office, killed the cat, stole the self-surgery, beated his ass and had sex with his mum, i careuflly made a hole, sneaked in and grabbed the srynge gun, then went away, an antagonist would have stolen as much as they could, self-antags make themselves antagonist, so the question remains, why didnt i steal everything if i was such a horrible self-antag? because i wasnt, i was just an angry chemist who wanted his shit back and choosed to commit a crime by injecting drugs to the officer who abused them

Self-antagging includes (but is not limited to) damaging the station, attacking other players without reason, and subverting the established chain of command as a non-antagonist role. You need a reason justified by roleplay to cause harm to others.

Griefing includes (but is not limited to) intentionally ruining the game by abusing mechanics such as exploits, spamming the shuttle, causing server crashes, etc.

You may defend yourself against others, but avoid escalating the situation.

Admins can punish you if they believe your actions are unjustified or over-escalating the situation.

Even if your actions are justified and do not result in out-of-character (OOC) consequences, you may still face consequences in character (IC).

No, roleplaying as an “insane person” does not mean you get to kill people.

If there is one thing i have learned in my many hours on Bee, MRP to be precise. It is to never get revenge when people are shitters and to always Ahelp the issue. Even more so when it is Security. People playing roles that tend to be held to a higher standard will get whacked faster when doing no-no things. Including being kept in the brig for way too long for no reason and your shit being stolen despite them not being able to prove anything.


Unrelated to this appeal but
Dude litterally released hostile mobs as chemist so shuttle gets called faster while non-antag on round 22658 iirc. And litterally the next day after doing that he gets banned for this.

Kasual and infamous Kate Bishop sums up why having syringe gun is against the rules. In the past, people were beaned for just having morphine in that gun and you load it with some advanced combat agents.

Does the crime we both know you are just bitching because we fighted in that round, you didnt got injured at all
ALSO, how cute to cut the conversation there so it looks like a grief but leave the “to increase rp” without the whoole context i wrote
ive never been called out even if i ask permission when i tell the round admin the plan
at most ive been told to not make them if round its fucked badly and sec has to do other stuff
(edit:did you just deleted what you said in discord in my face?

Oh no, but read that well, that cunt was shoting people randomly, well dessrved ban, admins dont go banning around people just for having morphine or a srynge gun.
Shoting people morphine randomly its the quivalent on chemistry to force-monkifing people, its not the content but the act
dum dum smol brain mammal

Doesn’t justify releasing hostile mobs that other people have to fight with, it’s self antag
There’s the full context, that said round you didn’t use those mobs to enlight new players and make it fun for them, you litterally released them in front of science after RD threw you out. You litterally threatened over radio that you will release hostile mobs so shuttle gets called.

I dont remember doing such thing, stop saying bullshit, do you really think id go aaaall the way to make strange reagent, make pills of it, synthflesh included, for me to get all my work shitted because round will end?
i also do it to prove it to you, because you were all “nu-uh you cant” and i was “ye-eh i can” so i went there and told you to open the box and see what was inside, there was a bottle of 5 strange reagent, 5 synthflesh and 5 blood or sugar, which basically reaches to spawn max two shit monsters or 1 pet
also, you say “threw you out” but you begun screaming i had a bomb and was going to suicde with the departament to get me arrested, i heated the bottle to show you i wasnt lying and to run away from rd with the flash and bread mosnter

it’s self antag

it is to a certain deegre, but i cant help to disagree, if not done as a shitter that spawns them in kitchen or in a closed space to kill people indirectly but just to free shit mobs from i recall, 15 units bottles

i actually did test this to avoid killing others and myself, 1 unit sometimes doesnt make anything at all and 3 spawns something so pathetic sometimes its just shameful to bring an assitant and show them an eye, 5 spawns 2 at max
(five as in 5 of each chem, in total they are 3, so 15 units)
i can prove it was 5 each because i made it with no beakers, but BOTTLES

You broke into CMO office as non antag, to top this all off, no?

I see literally no reason to let you back on MRP. LRP, sure, MRP? No. This is one of those guys that make the MRP experience feel like LRP, as literally none of your actions are allowed on MRP. The detective is no saint either, but you’re a far cry from what an MRP player actually is.

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So… he arrests you for a crime you did not commit, leaves you handcuffed in sec, dumps out all of your things and steals your syringe gun just because he didn’t have enough proof you actually did something bad, and you only shot him with skewium?

I envy your self-control, friend.


From my RD perspective you 2 were argueing over comms and then chemist comes to my department and tells one of my scientist to open the box, which of course i thought was mousetrap bomb. So first i told you to leave then i passive grabbed you out, when you came back i shoved you and when that didn’t suceed i pulled out flash to throw you out but you released hostile mobs.

Bread Monster

what bread monster?

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dtw you didnt break any rule by kicking a random out for thibking they were going to destroy your departament lol

oh, i dont know the exact name of the hostile bread monster
but its basically the sprite of a bread
with teeth or something that bites yo ass so you go “AAAA MY ASS”
you can spawn cooler mobs up from 30 units bottles, but under its mostly eye monster, a carp which is good for carpotoxin or that evil goose that also happens to bite ass
if you trully wanna save tho itd work out better to grab 3 unit bottles and activate them separately as they will atleast spawn 1 probably hostile mob
(edit: by 30 units i dont mean 90 in total, thats a complete waste of strange reagent you could use to res some fool, 10 strange reagent 10 synthflesh 10 sugar OR blood is enough to make a pet party or for captain to not kill in 3 secconds after ypu dared him to fight a bunch of hostile mobs along with the hulk gen at church)

I was the detective. Firstly, i only set him to arrest after a report of another person claiming this guy was who bombed the HOP. Secondly I did not arrest him personally, nor leave him in the brig, i put out the contents of his bag for the cmo to examine if anything can be made into a bomb(Also didnt take your Syringe gun, nor chemicals, i dont know why you assumed that) . Thirdly when you showed up to have your revenge or whatever you call a valid reason to shoot me with chems i didnt even mange to say hello before you shot a syringe into me, which i pulled out since it did not penetrate my armor. You shot another syringe that landed in my head and poured chems into my system that made me my camera rotate so in that brief period i assumed you shot harmful chemicals and i started blasting, After the altercation i had to reset my game cause the chems caused it to black-screen .Fourthly, I acknowledge this is quite shitsecy and i apologize that i left you in the brig dead, but at that point i just assumed you were a traitor and left for the emergency shuttle. And lastly I only Ahelpd because this is the second round in a row that you shot chemicals into me while not being an antag.

Seems like shittery on misurns part

“infamous” you mean it like i killed someone ;(

well, this is an unsatisfactorily peaceful way to edn a post-conflict
so, yah, k

i did shot teslium to a detective the past round in shuttle because they were doing shit with a guy in the floor, so i shot teslium for stun and other thing i had because i had it there, then dragged to locker and put in the corner of the scape shuttle until a bastard begun throwing acid grenades so i also shot them and took one of the grenades, then they threw another one activated, so i grabbed them and accidentally fell out of the shuttle with it (i even ahelped like a dumbass and said somehting like “ima hero!” if it was also you i can assure it was a bare coincidence, just dont shitsec please, i wasnt up to push you, get flashed and lose the round for helping, helping is only cool when theres no consequences for you
(this kinda means i could have avoided a ban just by not being afk smh