The black flag's ban Appel

The black flag
Admin’s CKEY:
**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**both

Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:

Ban Length:
14 days
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Thursday, April 16, 2020
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Had morphine in a syringe gun running around shooting crew
Appeal Reason:
I was a doctor and I start with morphine and a syringe gun had the morphine and the syringe gun to sedate anyone attacking me or other crew members i shot kate bishop with the gun from my point of view who lookd like she was attacking the clown so after she fell asleep I called sec to apprehend her so when she wasent arrested I just brought her to the chapel and woke her up the admin PMD me and I told him why I had it then he said just in case I replied yes thinking he knew what I meant he and one other person are the only people I sedated /put to sleep.
Additional Information:
The syringe gun and morphine was to put people who were aggresive to sleep which was the purpose of me haveing morphine.

Apologies edited it just now to MRP only.

  1. No Powergaming
    As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.
    Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.
    Use reasonable self-defense; subdue, but do not try to revenge-kill, any assailants.
    Do not run around with all of the genetic powers, three buffing viruses and the entire armory in your backpack. This is an example of severe powergaming.
    Antags are exempt from this rule.

That was a chaplain pranking people with the artistic toolbox. Either way having a syringe gun locked and loaded round start “in case” is power gaming.

I was the medical doctor I start with a syringe gun how was I supposed to know she was pranking people?

No you don’t. That’s like saying assistants start with insuls and a full toolbelt. Or that all of engineering starts with hardsuits.

The syringe gun is located on the table when you spawn as a doctor I even waited a few minutes before picking the syringe gun up.

Doctors are allowed to have syringe guns if I’m not mistaken.

And no an assistant power games the gear at the start of the round by immediately running to it and stealing those items at round start engineering has 2 wich dosent really matter because not all of engineering is going to be working in space or operating in low pressure environments.

As one of the only Medical doctors at round start I believe I was in my right to pick up the syringe gun.

1.round on going knocked me for 10 minutes for HAVING A WIND UP TOOLBOX and hitting the clown whit it as a joke.

Unlisted due to ongoing round

yes because being the only one means i can bend the rules

How again was I supposed to know that a windup tool box does any damage at all
I didn’t even know it was a wind up toolbox it lookd like an actual tool box

lets talk when rounds over

So some retard does le funny prank and eats shit for it??
Why does he get banned lol it’s a job related item

Again I didn’t collect it just in case it’s my job specific tool that medical doctors can have and can use.

no, its not your job specific tool. syringe gun is a WEAPON that is used for fast med distrubution to plasmamemes and aragonistic use, you took it “just in case i have to sedate a crewmember” thats the definition of powergame collecting powerfull shit job related or no.

or can i arm miself whit the armory “just in case” because am the only sec.

Yes retard the syringe gun IS a job specific tool