TytoAlba Mod Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): TytoAlba

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): T̴͗͑Y̷͛̃T̵̆͠O̶̊#5943

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): Semi-often, generally during lowpop though, EST

What changes, if any, would you bring?: My playtime is generally during times where there are low/near none amount staff online, so i feel as if i would be able to help a lot of the people who struggle to find an admin during odd-times in the day.

How old are you?: Just about 22 years old

Why do you want to be a moderator?: Id like to be a moderator because i’d like to see the server improve, and be apart of something that i enjoy.

How long have you been playing SS13?: Since 2020

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: I’ve been playing on and off for about 3 years, i first joined around 2020 November

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: Id like to say a solid 7/10, there is plenty to improve upon, but also i think i have a good grasp of the game concepts.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games): Id like to say a 7/10 for this, ive been an administrator in DarkRP Garry’s mod servers in the past, had to deal with grief and such consistently, aswell as lowRP players.

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13: Yes, a regular admin on a DarkRP Garry’s mod server.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: I do not have any alternate accounts.

Your strengths: Patience, kindness, and the ability to understand others perspectives

Your weaknesses: Anything relating to engineering, and some social anxiety.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: Hard round removal, especially quick in the round. can get me a riled up a bit, but i make a point to be respectful to others.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: Patience and empathy.

What makes a staff team good?: Excellent communication, conversational patience, and the understanding of another persons viewpoint.

What is a staff team’s purpose?: To provide a service to the community of the server and make the server a better place for people to spend their time.

What kind of player are you?: Generally i focus more on Roleplay than anything else, very talkative.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: I think i may be a bit more busy and less anxious about the game

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?: Check whether or not the clown is an antagonist, if so, if he had a good reason, that should be fine, otherwise, that’s heavily looked down upon since it can be a steal objective, so depending on whether they were antag or not, the result would change from a note, to a possible ban

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?: I would bring them to admin jail as soon as i noticed their malicious intent, and ask him why he was doing what he was doing, if there was no reasonable answer, i would give them a permanent ban form the server.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?: That sounds like a rather easy mistake to make, could have been an order for meth for a junkie player who needed it, but id check the logs to be certain of all this. Once i had a good understanding of the events, depending on whether or not it seems intentionally malicious, id act accordingly.


Welcome to the Mod applications section of the forums Tyto, due to personal bias from you being an IRL friend I am going to refrain from casting any vote on this application but I will still be the first to get you some questions out there. They may or may no be more personal questions due to me knowing you. Pretend you are a full admin for the purposes of these questions.

  1. Let’s say you are the only admin online and you receive an ahelp. While responding to it and answering it you receive another for an unrelated problem. As you investigate these issues a third then a fourth ahelp come in. How do you think you would react to this situation?

  2. You bwoink someone to talk to them about their name in game. They respond to your bwoink with “What so I can’t have this name? That’s fucking stupid you just don’t like me! quit being so biased and just let me play the damn game!” How would you respond here? What would you do, if anything?

  3. You finish a ticket with a player who was fairly hostile in your ahelp. The player then goes into dchat and starts complaining, calling you a terrible admin and how you are just meta grudging them because you don’t like them. What do you do, if anything?

  4. And finally a less personal related question that may or may not have happened: An AI makes the announcement “African Americans are attacking people at departures” flying over to departures you see that two gorrillas are attacking people in the area. What do you do, if anything?

  1. If i felt the contents of the ahelps were too heavy for me to handle alone, id ping ahelp and ask for some assistance on discord, other than that, id try to get them done as soon as possible, without sacrificing quality for quantity.

  2. I would tell them that it is simply naming policy, and if they cannot conform to it, then maybe another server may be a better fit for them, in the most respectful way i could.

  3. If they were throwing out insults and things along those lines, id ask them to please remember the “excellent to everyone” rule, but i would not argue with them.

  4. oh BOY, well, as that is a clearly racist comment, i would immediately bwoink them and ask why they said that, as they should know better by reading the most BASIC of rules, or common sense, and probably give them a ban appropriate for the offense.

Let’s say you get these responses, respond how you believe you would.

  1. “Bro its a fucking name ive had a long day and just want to play a fucking game can you leave me alone?”

  2. Dchat: johndoe: well I’m not the shitmin metagrudging people i don’t like!

  1. Id say “I apologize, but the naming policy isn’t within my control, i can help you brainstorm some better names if you’d like, but at the end of the day, rules are rules.”

  2. “I have no personal bias against you, and i wholeheartedly apologize if it came off that way, please, i implore you to be civil, and understanding about this, as i would not want to pursue further action”

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  1. Right, never ever be afraid to ping your fellow admins for help. Whether it’s a question or being absolutely overwhelmed by ahelps it never hurts to ask.

  2. Good responses and remember, if they don’t comply even after that you can apply an appearance ban to force a random appropriate name.

  3. Good 17th century sounding answer. Try to avoid threatening action though as it has a tendency to escalate the situation. And if you ever feel like you truly need to threaten it, avoid making it public.

  4. Good response.

For number 2 and 3 though i want to add a bit of additional warning that really only gets learned from experience. There is a point where you need to say enough is enough. Don’t keep arguing if it’s clear they aren’t going to listen or comply.

Overall i think your responses to my questions look good and honest, but remember, when you read these questions, really give some thought to how you would answer, and not just how you should answer.

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I had a bad experience with this individual in a forum admin report, where they repeatedly attempted to tone police me and derail my report of a moderator several months ago. This was incredibly frustrating at the time and really soured my opinion of them, and the moderator by association. It’s important for prospective staff to not emulate the behavior of the people they will likely be banning.

I haven’t seen a repeat of similar behavior, at least not since they have become mentor staff.

I don’t know much about TytoAlba, but there’s something to be said about learning from your mistakes, so I think they should get a chance.


Thanks a lot for your input/post that is valuable information to receive.

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  1. You receive an ahelp from a human traitor saying: “Why did I get arrested I didn’t do anything?”.

You notice the traitor has been brigged for 6 minutes, but you can’t tell why right away.
You ask the warden “Judge Dredd” and he tells you that the traitor was arrested for possession of contraband. However, when you ask them about the logic that led them to brig them, they fail to answer.
You ask around until you find the officer that made the arrest, “Jonathan Garland”, who is currently doing chemistry alongside the janitor in medbay. He explains that he arrested the traitor because the AI told him to, with no other explanations or questions asked. The AI is under the Asimov Lawset and explains it saw the traitor use an emag in dorms once.

Do you take any actions or look for any other information?

  1. You receive an ahelp from someone that reads: “Hey, I’m new on this server and I don’t understand Rule 1, could you explain it to me?”. How do you reply?

  2. You notice felow admin “Hilaris” is playing wizard, he played music and spawned himself custom clothes before jumping on. After fireballing 5 civilians in the bar, he gets shotgunned to death and goes on a rant in dchat about how players are awful and won’t ever RP with him, that he hopes they kill themselves.
    People start getting angry at him and reply back, insulting and berating him all the way.
    No one has reported anything yet.
    What do you do if anything?

  3. Assume you have admin perms for this question. The clown has been permabrigged for prime murder. He then prays: “Oh all-powerful Honkmother, I come before you offering everything this poor clown has to give. Please curse the wicked Captain for the crimes he inflicted on the Celestial Circus by imprisonning your child!”. Do you do anything?

  1. First off, Id inform the prisoner/ahelper that i’ll take a look into the situation, next Id tell the Warden that his name does not follow our guidelines, as “Judge Dredd” is a well known real life fictional character but if they’d like, i’d be happy to help brainstorm a suitable name, and that when you are processing a criminal, you must inform them of their crimes you are sentencing them for, and i’d ask them to please go inform the prisoner now, Next, i’d inquire why the Arresting officer and the Janitor are doing chemistry in med bay, as they should BOTH not be doing that, and then id inform the arresting officer that, the AI does not order arrests, it can and should inform you of crime, but should not be issuing arrests on asimov because of an emag in a low threat area, and its generally not a good idea to initiate an arrest without asking a single question about the crime; then inquire what alert the station was on at the time and in-case of it being green, inform them that searches can not be forced on green alert and when you do arrest someone, you must inform them why at the time of arrest, according to the very first SoP for a sec off. Lastly id speak with the AI and ask why they ordered an arrest on asimov for an emag used in dorms, as that’s not inherently harmful and is a rather low threat area. I would likely give a note to the Warden about his disregard of Warden SoP and the name he used, and for the arresting officer, i would likely check their playtime/history to see if they should’ve known better, if its low, leave them with a note, if it was high, then likely give them a very small 1 day security ban, to give them time to read over the SoP and rules once more; Finally, id return to our prisoner/ahelper and tell them that it was a case of broken SoP, and that i’ve dealt with it.

  2. Hello! Welcome! Rule 1 essentially states that you must roleplay a character to play on this server, we are a roleplay server and require a certain level of interaction with other players, things, and events, think of yourself as playing a character rather then playing a game, if you need further help on how you can improve roleplay, heres a great link! And if you need any further help with game related information, like how to do certain things or what things are, etc. Dont forget to use our mentorhelp tab! How to Roleplay - BeeStation Wiki

  3. As an admin antagonist, you should NEVER spawn yourself in any form of item, no matter how useless it seems like clothing, I’d next swiftly tell a head admin about them and tell them that the admin seems not to remember our excellence rule, as they were flaming in dchat and saying they hoped people would kill themselves aswell as spawning in items for themselves as antag, Next id tell deadchat to "Please remember our very important, be excellent to everyone, rule.

  4. I would reach out to the clown, saying something within his head along the lines of “Oh my child, how they have mistreated you! They will face our honks, fear not.” And attempt to turn the clown into an imaginary friend of the captain


Your thought process is good overall, a few notes:

More than that, as warden you shouldn’t act as an automaton, you are the one enforcing sentences and as such, should know at all time why a prisonner is there and what happened with them. Them not being able to explain why someone is brigged is very problematic, it’s not just SOP.

Random searches, very important nuance worth pointing out for the people that may be reading this. An officer can initiate a search if they have cause or a warrant. If an officer comes to know of someone in possession of an emag, or witnesses an emag being used, they can of course search.
What Blue alert allows that Green doesn’t are random unrestricted searches, at checkpoints for instance.

You don’t really take any actions against the AI. I personnally would at least write down the incident on their record, telling them to not push so hard for arrests. Reporting stuff is okayish imo, supplanting security even if only the warden, by ordering arrests, is bad imo.

  1. Good clear answer, complete with the guide and everything.

  2. Getting a headmin involved as fast as possible is the one thing to do yes, you cannot really resolve this by yourself. Although if I noticed an admin being that toxic, I would surely bwoink them to have them stop.
    Reminding everyone of the rules in dchat can yield effects, however in those cases I usually bwoink all parties involved to get them to stop immediately by focusing on me instead.

  3. Very evil, and maybe a bit excessive unless the clown was really good and funny to be around. Pretty creative I must say.

These were good answers. You seem to be able to identify issues and potential solutions quite well.

T: +1


I like the responses and think you’d make a good fit so here is a +1 from me.


  1. It’s 20 pop, 14 minutes into the round. You observe a traitor with two steal objectives purchase a .357, several ammo refills for it, and then use said gun to behead the only security officer and a medical doctor who came to see why the secoff was hurt, all without saying a word to them. Do you take any action, if at all?
  2. You see an Asimov AI constantly tailing a human antagonist who broke into CE’s office to steal the blueprints inside without harming anyone. The AI is constantly giving updates on the traitor’s location, as well as obstructing his path with locked doors. Do you take any action, if at all?
  3. Assume you are a full Admin for this. It’s been a mostly quiet shift due to low threat, and the only antagonist has been busy preparing a gimmick. You get a prayer from the chaplain, saying ‘O Lord in Heavens, give your lowly servant the means to smite down the infidels that aim to hurt the innocents on this station’. The Chaplain stands alone in an untouched chapel, wearing the crusader suit, insulated gloves and a full toolbelt. How do you respond?
  1. I would bwoink the player about the fact they didn’t roleplay any of the situation out, and killed two crew just because they could, this could end in a note or a ban depending on history and on how they explain themselves

  2. I would tell the ai that that is not something they should be focusing so heavily on, blueprints are not harmful to humans, and neither was the traitor at the time, its fine to make a callout but its different to follow and obstruct the traitor when they are not harmful, so i would be suspicious of validhunting because of that behavior as well, and question them about that.

  3. It seems like this player would be looking for an excuse to validhunt or powergame, in which, i would not really respond kindly to the prayer, saying “Your heart is not pure, cleanse thyself of sin before i shall consider your requests”

  1. Yeah, from their actions it should be obvious they’re just looking to ‘win’ as a traitor rather than trying to create an interesting situation.
  2. Correct too, unfortunately our AI players do tend to have an ‘anti-antagonist’ mindset even on lawsets where antagonists don’t impact them much.
  3. That’s a great one. I’d probably mention that they harbor too much wrath and greed for a holy man.

Overall I like the answers, it’ll be a +1 from me.

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So far, you have good answers and you’re quite good as mentos from what I saw, so I’ll leave a +1.
Bonus question if you want:
_You’re admin with full perms, round is calm and lots of bored ghosties. What do you do to entertain them?

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I’d attempt to send in a “Morale Booster Team” of various cute ghost controlled animals into the station with the goal of entertaining the crew, maybe giving them harmless abilities in some theme of their animal


Keep in mind that even though antagonists are NOT exempt from the “You must roleplay” rule, it is still unfeasible to force antagonists to roleplay out their kills. You can’t expect a traitor to always villain speak before they kill someone for example. What you want to look at here is how they behaved throughout the round and if they tried to make the round engaging.

Apart from that, your app and record look very solid. Ontop of that your answers are good and you’ve shown to be trusthworthy as a mentor. We have decided to accept your application.

Welcome to the team!

Accepting at T: +4