Two Valid hunters, report by CommunismBeLike


Your Discord:Gone, reduced to atoms

Offender’s CKEY:Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name:Titus Digson, Josiah Hall, P.O.W.E.R

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2024/2/1

Round Number:47551

Rules Broken:1.2

Incident Description:I spawn in as a space dragon, quickly get a portal up and fight with security with some banter, suddenly titus digson shows up with a mech (probally made for the miner) and starts chasing and firing it at me, annoying sure but able to be dealt with, then Josiah hall (said miner) shows up with a damange maxxed PKA and removes 1/4 of my health in a shot, and continues to fire at me, this isnt the end however, after I die, a lone op spawns and josiah, hearing about it (not hearing its death however) suits up in a redsuit he got from lavaland and antique gun, and starts hunting in space, looking for said nuke op, he then hunts a ninja that spawns in, and runs from sec after they attempt to arrest him for contraband/vigilantism

(fixxed in game, ignore)

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im the ai power. I was on profit, also xenos are a stationwide threat, they reduce profits and it’d be law-breaking if i DIDNT go out to kill xenos. the nova flower was a joke and i never actually sprayed a person with it.

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While I understand this, meteors were actively hitting and I believe you were still chasing me, you still gotta remember sec exists, and the now is more important then the future, which means a mostly dead xeno is less important then meteors, however, since you apologized in game, I will wave your part of the report, thank you for apologizing

As for the miner and scientist the only thing i can add is.

Yes, both the scientist and the shaft miner werecharged for vigilantism because they decided to hunt the dragon, the scientist even went as far as to gib the dragon(and the Captain planned to lazarus it) but they did try to roleplay and just served their sentence without an issue

As for Josiah… unsure if they just went back to gaming to lavaland but they didn’t return to station for a looong time(we even had an officer waiting for him to arrest him) and then they eventually returned when we had a loneop and… of course the first thing they do is to wear the BLOOD RED HARDSUIT and scare the station making us believe that the lone-op wasn’t well… alone, extremely gamer behaviour

I believe this screenshot shows how much he was interesting on having ‘‘illegal goodies’’ while he didn’t necessarily use the agent ID or the jetpacks, he did HIDE AWAY on TWO different lockers two pair of Blood Red Hardsuits, bringing the count of hardsuits to THREE(on the picture you see two, but a borg later dragged a crate that contained another)

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I believe this screenshot shows how much he was interesting on having ‘‘illegal goodies’’

I have to point out that all loot in the picture is just from the one operative corpse. (well, two, apparently. how rare is that, holy shit).

So it’s not like he’s collecting illegal goods, he just stripped the one guy he found and got this stack of loot from it.

Note that I am not defending cringe miner behavior like this. The player definitely deserves punishment. I’m just not a fan of mispresenting evidence.

(Three actually lol)

And yes, that is all from the lavaland rare chance but by in game standards that’s contraband and they actively used it to play on station(in the middle of a nukie threat) and broke quite a few space law articles, as i said above they even hide two on two different locations on mining office, then again they only used the suit iirc, jetpack, id and mask were not afaik.