Twinko Renault player feedback

1000 living hours done so might be a good time for this finally.
Characters include:

  • William Topaz

  • L.O.P.E.Z.-1-TE

  • Major Beryl

  • Twingo Renault (never forget what he took from us)

You may now tell me how shit I am or feed my ego!


I really enjoy seeing William Topaz. You know your stuff and are kind while remaining professional!

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six ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵

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fuckin love this guy

Did not appreciate my date services 2/10


Worked with both William a lot, as Ashley Jin, I believe in medical?? (It’s been a while since I last played) and L.O.P.E.Z.-1-TE has been a very nice detective / security (Again my memory is shocking) to deal with and they both provide fun RP and encourage some fun behaviour and experimentation in terms of how to progress a small local story between characters. <3

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I love you, nuff said

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L.O.P.E.Z.-1-TE is a cool det I enjoy interacting with him a lot

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Oh yeah! Lopez quite often shows up to Robotics for implants! It is great to have patrons at Robotics. :smiley:

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Lopez is such a great detective. Love how he actually interfaces with the ai and listens to my grumpy autotuned screaming.

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I have to say that it is always great to have Lopez alongside, but the real treat is to be security officer with Beryl around. I have a lot of great memories from getting screamed at, and it really strengthens RP and camaraderie between secies when they hide in bar and tell stories about Beryl…


True I love Beryl althought I’m a natural sec hater the man just speaks to me the way he beats me <3

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always happy to see William in medbay. good at doctoring, and fun rp.

i’ve enjoyed interacting with LOPEZ so far, too. especially as an antag, actually. i like a detective that actually tries to investigate and figure out the situation… gives me a chance to go all columbo villain about it.


Twingo is the only one who lives in my memories, may he rest in peace.

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Twingo Renault was a good lad that was taken from all of us too early.

The project New Adam turned a perfectly healthy officer into an ipc that even forgot about his dream to buy a home in the countryside.

He won’t be forgotten!


Makes me cope and seethe less in dchat due to his med abilities. can recommend
(Also their far cousin Toyoda Corolla send their regards).