Tund_kun banned by lagomorphica

CKEY: Tund_Kun

Admin’s CKEY: lagomorphica

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Banevasion Detector System Ban

Ban Length: I assume permanent?

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): N/A

Round ID: N/A

Ban Reason: ‘Reply PM from-YellingStone(Dursch Bursch Korch Morsch): cause i like to grief and ban evade’

Appeal Reason: I believe that the ban is a mistake since I have never assossiated myself with the account, and never recieved a pm from an admin on this topic. I’m using a vpn to connect to Bee, since for some reason I can’t connect using my normal, russian ip adress.
Additional Information: Sometimes I can connect just fine, and sometimes the ban evasion detection just blocks me. usually happens after I play a match or two per day.

I’ve checked through the ban list and I couldn’t find a ban listing for the username YellowStone, nor could I find the round ID.

Here’s the message that pops up when I try to connect with a vpn.

Futhermore, when I try to connect without a vpn, the client just says “connection failed” and that’s that.

It was a sticky ban. I exempted you. Enjoy the game.