Tubestation Dev Thread #2

where toob? need it now


ive ran out of motivation for creativity lately

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My notes on the medbay.

  1. Overall it looks too big. A lot of hallways going up and down.
  2. A ton of space directly after the front doors, good CMOs usually set the front door to emergency mode as doctors and other medical personnel may be busy further inside. Somewhat limit the space people can move around would be great. Better yet, replace the hallway directly afterwards with the medbay central (where all the life stasis beds are at).
  3. More curvature at cryo tubes? Bring the table out of the corner and move or remove the tanks. Perhaps medbay storage? Usually only ever need two and atmos has more otherwise. Put the plants in the corners, feels very fitting.
  4. I really like the tables in medbay central. Makes it great for early game medkits and late game for a chemistry and organ fridge!
  5. CMOs back room could be fitted inside his office instead, feels too big.
  6. Assuming Sec is gonna hang out in their lil’ room they get to see absolutely nothing! Make it more central. Perhaps flip and move the cryo tubes to south of medbay central, replace it with the Sec room and shuffle CMOs office a bit further down.
  7. Love the public chairs and tables outside the morgue.
  8. Surgery and morgue position is great, but the morgue does look a bit disorganised. More uniform would be great.
  9. The chem factory location is great, having direct access to it too from medbay central is nice too. However that is ruined if Sec were to be placed there. I’d like some windows there too. Feels a bit boring otherwise.
  10. Virology could use one or two cells small for teat subjects.
  11. I really like the lobby. Would make a great position for late game life stasis beds for when all doctors are too busy to tend to people inside.
  12. The cloner tables positions look a bit off. Perhaps rearrange them? I do like it for placing synthflesh and clonexadone early game.
  13. I do like the lil’ personal doctor rooms, be great for the psychiatrist gimmick.
  14. More windows! More windows in genetics and the lil’ break room. Feels so claustrophobic. One or two is enough.
  15. Now… finally… but not the final one, for chemistry. I am sorry, I hate it. For a chemistry I’d like to have some things available to me. Firstly, I’d like to be able to see all three tiles in front of the fridge in case someone is lookin’ for somethin’. Secondly, I’d like to access the fridge without openin’ the window and without movin’ too much. Thirdly I’d like to access a table, all three chemistry machines and a disposer without movin’. It is very tight and cozy. And also windows! Are you a windowphobe?

    Hopefully you can understand my poor 4 AM on the phone drawing. This allows both chemists to use the same disposer and heater while having their own table, front desk, dispenser, chem master, and fridge. One handling requests inside and the other outside.
  16. Also in case of an outbreak I’d make a small arrival room for the tubes. Also great in someone tries to escape through it or the rest gets plasma flooded. This could be good for all tubes to have a small mini-lobby for 'em. Doesn’t even need regular doors, just fire doors and a few walls, maybe a soda machine.
  17. Medbay central has a few too many windows? Give chemistry some?
  18. Medbay storage is too tight. Assume three people at once wants to get stuff from the techfab. Two wide is preferable.
  19. I do like the genetics window.
  20. Surgery is massive! Perhaps make a double like on Box Station?
  21. The hallway wall north of the enterence to the morgue is begging to have a maints door! Just above from the hallway table and chairs.
  22. Table and chair outside chemistry looks a bit awkward.
  23. Would be cool with some windows to space through maints. Like the western wall at cloning. Probably not too many though.
  24. Maint corridors is quite thick. Two tiles are usually enough.
  25. Be cool to have a viewing window into the black hole / tesla holder from the lil’ break room.
  26. More door waya through maint corridors would be nice. Right now you can pretty much loop the entire station without opening a single door once you get into maints.

Overall I really like this map idea and would like to try it out sometime. However, I really dislike medbay. It feels very stale and cumbersome. Hope to see it in-game!! :smiley:

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Lube Station, when?

Nude Station?!

I’m sorry.

Flatstation when?

worst idea since nude station I am so sorry

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Suggestion : Make a PR to improve tubes - maybe allowing to have several pods running, generating one everytime someone enters, and buffing the speed a bit.

The idea itself outside of the meme, a disconnected station linked together by transport systems to limit damage if one part of the station ends up being fully destroyed - is a rad concept that deserves to exist.

The problem is not the idea and tube usage, its how bad the tubes are and how they work

I offer this :


-Tubes are no longer limited in the pods running at once - imagine maybe futurama tubes.

-Anytime someone enters the tube, there is a short window for anyone else to enter with them a short period of waiting before being able to create a new one and start traveling.

-Separating entrance and exit OR giving a delay before someone can enter after someone exits - We still want to make them pods, not just an instant travel.

-Give a speed buff to them. They are insanely slow - they should be slightly faster than running, maybe a bit more.

-Make it so you can walk through them after click dragging - them being an always block unless using the specific open one is annoying and dumb.

-Give the tubes a bit more health. They are so weak, they feel super unsafe lol.

-Not necessary, but change how they look. They look like shit, and traveling through them feels dumb af.

Combine/do some of them and I think it’d help massively into making tubestation without ruining its concept.
I’m not saying these are the only ways, and I suggest others to give ideas on how to improve further.

Hey, thanks for the detailed feedback.
Like i said yesterday im in a bit of a creative hole atm, but 'll be sure to take some of these into consideration when i start doing wörk on the map again.

like i said in the OP, its having to go through a verry extensive redesign (as compared to the old meme pr) anyways, so theres no reason these cant happen.

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PR porting TG tubes went closed for stale just yesterday but someome was trying.
Yes, it’d be great to have better tubes.

I’ll try to port it whenever I get the time, it’d be cool
Wrote a whole ass rant for nothing lmfao

No worries! I like the concept of it. Be cool if it could work even as a lil’ memey map played once in a while.

Four month check in, how’s it going?

No worries if you’re still burnt out or busy.

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i fucking love the tubes

Its not dead i promise. One day itll be there. A meme and a joke for years, and then itll be there one day. Like kilo.

That said, i aint done anything with the map recently. Some months ago my hard drive died, and i have not yet installed git and strongdmm again :eyes:. Progress isnt gone tho, no worries. Its saved on my git.

The main snagg is that i have a rather limited creative capacity, and being a headassmin this always ends up falling by the way side. Plus im fairly busy with doing my masters thesis these days.

The eternal “eventualy”:tm:.


Tubestation bump



Bottom text


Bumpstation 15?

Edit: OH FUCK, I don’t know why thought June was still recent, honestly my bad



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whats the status of this map?

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lmao its fine
There isnt any updates though.
Due to being busy with my thesis I lack the energy to pursue this creative project, reserving any left over energy for headmin work.

Ive considerd that if anyone still cares about this (doubt that though lmao), maybe this i could open up the current state of the map for general contribtion by interested mappers.
Filling in the currently unfinished bits of the map with vague room layouts and such is a task i could probabbly master, but turning that into an actualy polished and working map (the atmos, bot patrol loops, disposals, cables, apcs, lights ect ect etc) is byond me alone at this moment.
Realy, its suprising i had the energy to do so in the meme-version, because holy fuck its a lot of work.


I care, I don’t knwo enough about atmos or wiring but I fully support it being finished

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