Tubestation Dev Thread #2

Heyo, yall remember this dead meme from around a year ago at this point?
does anyone still even remotely care?
Probabbly not eh.

Back then, the goal and exceution was to make a, technicaly speaking, fully functional map.
While staying as close to the meme that started this.

And i did that. It was a fuck tonne of effort for a meme.
Unsuprisingly, it didnt make it into the game and as i submited it in the meme-pr it does not make for a fun experince.

But you see, it was so much effort that i am wrecked with bad case of sunken cost fallacy.
I put hours into this, and it’d be a shame to just let it lie dead as is, eh?

Ive gotten a few hours more of free time these days, so i think its time re-start development.
The new goal im setting myself (hence the new thread) is to re-develop and change the map fundamentaly to make it into an actualy fun:tm: map.

This thread is to serve as a dev-diary like the old thread did, and to gather feedback n shiet for the map.

Go ahead and take a look at the map as it was/is when i meme-pr’d it and give me unironic feedback on what you think about the layouts of the departments, general design decisions, ect.

A few things i’ve already gotten feedback on or have come with myself:

  • the memeyness will have to die - add actual interdepartmental hallways in additon to the tubes
  • Maybe spread the civilian satelite out across the rest of the station to fill voidspace?
  • move evrything closer together
  • take inspiration with old maps like asteroidstation or cerestation

Looking forward to hearing from you and updating you on progress evry other week or month.


Tubestation my beloved

Perhaps make the station a little more ring-shaped, with things more evenly distributed around the ring, and then have a horizontal hallway bisecting the ring? And from the center of that hallway, you could have a sort of ‘tube hub’ which provides shortcuts via tubes to different sections of the ring. Maybe throw in a tube that goes all the way around the ring with stops along it too for fun?

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Complete sentence


Five things I noticed:

  • There is still a plumbing room in medbay. Now that plumbing has been scaled down I think chemists can just do it in maintenance.
  • Botany is fucking huge. 18 trays? This just ensures no one will ever RP an interesting conflict over a lack of space.
  • You should just go and remove the arrivals sec checkpoint entirely. No one ever uses it since no one has a reason to anyways. In other stations it‘s already nothing more than free antag loot, and with its location it will just become that even more so.
  • That brig northern hallway looks dull and empty. At least put some potted plants in there or something, jesus.
  • A single bomb placed in south dorms can make the entirety of research, brig and medbay unreachable to anyone without maints access.
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Having a non-descript, boring as all hell hallway that takes long to traverse, and/or is primarily scenic, that leads to back doors of the more publicly involved departments like SEC, Service and MED would make good sense, thusly clustering them in a line makes sense.

ENGI, SCI and COMMAND can all be slightly more isolated with a less convenient and more thematic or aesthetically focused pieces that are publicly accessible or easy to break into. These areas don’t have to have perfect camera coverage as they aren’t entirely necessary to the function of the station, so more shifty shit can happen by traversing this area as a sort of intermediary between public hallways and maint.


Tube update #1

Turns out, being 1320 commits behind master is not healthy for maps.
Im going to need to fix up and re-place alot of stuff.

But thats fine realy, since the quite fundamental redsign that will have to happen for #2 to come together will have me do that anyways.

For now, i’ve temporarily nuked maints, cut out and moved my departments about, setting them up so the hallways (those that already exsisted that is) form a rough square-circle thingy.
This is bound to change a lot still for obvious reasons, but still i feel like it looks alot more like a real™ map already.

I will probabbly be partialy nuking civilian, since as it is its verry verry crowded and i kinda need to spread all that appart to fill voidspace between civy and arrivals, and make hallways less mindnumbing.

If i were to put things together as they are laid out right now, the hallway loop would be verry long.
Im not sure if thats problematic or not, since there are still meant to be tubes for shortcuting.

As for those, im considering either a central satelite as a juntction for the tubes
or just going across in diagonals + cardinal directions

the latter would probabbly be easier, since the junction-satelite brings alot of design decision to the table, like

  • does it make sense to have hallways going to it?
  • If yes, whats to stop people from just walking the distance? and 2 or 4?
  • Maybe it could be a circle with command in the middle?

So unless i have a sudden epihany on what would be cool & fun for the junction, im probabbly gonna do the across ones.

Command will be nuked and redesigned either way, maybe to be made part of the main ring, or maybe still a satelite. But again, satelites make a lot of issues. So :man_shrugging:

Oh, and heres how it looks right now. Like i said, super super super rough sketch still, but it looks alot more like a real map already, right?

Hey, if you actualy read all that rambling about my map, i apprechiate it!
If you did, please let me hear your thought on all of my ideas and considerations! Just remember we’re actualy aiming for something playble this time.


Maybe some parts of sci, security and medical maints could be connected if you’re looking to make maintenance bigger.
If you want more maintenance in science, a crazy idea might be shifting all of sci abit to the left to make more space for it.

As far as I am aware, there is such a thing as blue-space tube dispensers in newer TG code, or at least fulp code, you just enter the tube via the enterance and it packages you in a temporary tube pod.

while that is neat, I can understand not implementing it as it is very boring given a double pod loop would be both more interesting, add more tubes and also more work for those particularly idle handed engineers.

No thats definitely something i’d want
or rather, that we’d want
there was an issue made for this back last winter actualy. Just noone did the coding for it

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I don’t know how useful this information is, but I am pretty sure the function is connected to the portable RPED, lumped in with the tubes you can place, it’s just an enterance with a fancy little extra spiriting as far as I’ve seen player side but perhaps ask the coderbus to check Fulp’s RPED and Tube code? or maybe TG’s?

I may be banned but please do not put a singularity machine as default power because you and I both know that there’s gonna be an engineer who fucks it up. Also AI satellite around command does sound like a nice idea. Thank you

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Progress is verry slow because im not a verry creative person
heres a shitty zoomed out pic of how it looks right now

As you can see theres hallways now, and maint and such is much thiccer in general
Tubes will be re-inserted at a later point, probabbly at those little glass outcroping of the hallways

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Imagine the ungodly amount of lag this monstrosity will cause.

hardly my fault the code base cant handle good maps :slight_smile:


they were made by someone on TG if anyone wants to port

No more tubes… Time to cry

learn to read dude

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Ill make a port attempt if need be.

@llol111 you actually want this shit or nah?

Absolutely, would be extremely based.
Its not quite futurama tubes, but it’ll make the tubes so so much nicer to use.
+back when the meme version was in dev, ike actualy made a git issue calling for this so you have an offical:tm: person saying its good also!

Was a joke :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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