Trouble compiling bee code to privately host

The problem starts when running the beestation.dme file with DreamMaker, I get a bunch of error pop-ups on some files being empty and being deleted by the system. Than I try to compile it for the .dmd file, but I get an error with the file in code> modules> jobs> map_changes >map_changes.

Deleting it in hopes that it fixes it backfires with more errors. I got the code from where the wiki and comments suggest on Github: here. I see a fairly new change in the code so an older version might work? If so, where can I get older versions?

I don’t know if this will help but I had the same issue as you. I was gettin some phantom .dme that was throwing up errors all the time. I fixed this by selection the dme in GitHub\BeeStation-Hornet\BeeStation-Hornet. Hope it helps somehow.

P.S I use Github desktop so I didn’t manually download the code