Tritium Bomb Guide

Whachu need:
3 Air pumps (those blue things)
1 Scrubber (that white sink looking thing)
4 O2 Cans
1 Plasma can
Tools (Wrench, Screwdriver, analyzer, crowbar, Rapid Parts Exchange device and a piping device)
2 Freezers with T2 lasers and bins to cool tritium and o2 to 43.15 kelvin

Whachu do:
Put 3 o2 cans worth of o2 into the mixing chamber Replace the output pipes with normal pipes a manifold for the freezer and a gas filter for plasma and then slowly (50kpa) put in plasma light it and scrub tritium. Now that you are making tritium cool the 4th o2 can and then pump it into a free air pump with a volume pump or equivalent. When the tritium stops accumilating turn the scrubber off and turn the filter on untill you have all the tritium in the air pump then turn the freezer off and turn the scrubber back on but scrubbing plasma now.

Alternate method is to get the plasma first when its nice and super hot and then get the tritium, but i dont do that.

Now you should have 1 air pump full of cooled tritium and one with cooled o2 and one with hot hot plasma (8000ish kelvin or more) get two plasma tanks and scrub them empty then fill one with 850kpa (dont worry if you dont get enough even 775kpa can work) of tritium and then the rest of it with cooled o2 and then the other one with your hot hot plasma. Gratz you now have all the things you need to assemble your bomb.

Attach the tanks onto a TTV and take a signaler set a new code and frequency and hit another signaler with it to transfer the setting then screwdriver one of the pair of signalers and attach it to your bomb. it is now ready to be set off all you have to do is go to the bomb testing mass driver and send it and wait untill it makes it to the testing site and set it off… Remember to turn on the intercom unless you wanna give a bit of fright to the crew.

Now if you want you can get an extra o2 can and cool it and add it to your cooled o2 air pump for enough o2 for 5 o2 Plasma TTV maxcaps if you want…

if its blast cannon you want 317.16k o2 and trit in seperate tanks 1:1 ratio or you can try to make it so its all as cold as possible in its own can and the other can is super hot co2 or so i hear.

Edit* “Ask and ye shall recieve”
The setup
The tritium
The o2
AirPump2 AirPump
The plasma


Good, concise explanation. Could be aided by pictures or a video though.

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Good fucking god about time someone made a good guide for this stuff.

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Replace the wiki shit with dis


I tried it.
Not even a boom I suck at this

What am i supposed to do with the scrubber? Can’t figure it out.

If you guys want I can write my own method to science bomb making, which I think would be cleaner and goes a bit more in detail in some areas.


Please do! I’d love to have a better understanding on how all of this works.

put the tank in and select all the gasses you want srcubbed then turn it on.