Triator objective alternative idea?

right now we have a slight problem where instead of making the round more fun, traitors are rushing to get greentext as fast and efficiently as possible, I have an idea that will promote fun gimmicks

so the way it would work is that in your uplink you have a button that says “request alternative objectives” this way you could then input a new objective for yourself, and after an admin approves it you lose your old objectives and gain the one you wrote, but since there would be no way to check if the objective was completed, at the end of the round a vote happens, if you get more positive votes than negative you greentext.


Isn’t this just a more IC-friendly version of something you can already do? You can already ahelp an admin if you want gimmick objectives or TC trades.

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well yeah but making it an actual feature and not something that requires admins who are willing to do so would be better no?


Isn’t this literally just Ambitions

so, ambitions. which im already doing, eventually

it’s ambitions but

  1. with a different name so people don’t assume it’s from sexrat
  2. end of round vote for greentext

Wow an actually good way of implementing custom objectives. Based.

End of the round vote seems funny, it would reward genuinely good people and give them feedback on how many people liked what they did, its like their syndicate employers rating their work.

Plus to counter the end of the round voting draggin time, we could have battle royale until votes end.

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Nothing wrong with Skyrat

furry sex servers don’t have the best reputation

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But they have the best pop. We live in a society


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Good thing it isn’t primarily a sex server then.
It would be cool to stop spreading the reputation around

Oh right!

It is also the server where the Host seethed cause a clown slipped him so he fucked up the role