Traitorous Methodologies

What kind of traitor are you?

Personally i like doing contracts and getting more “friends” to robust my enemies with. Deadly chemicals come into it whenever i feel like it but usually i try to get my contract reinforcement and a holoparasite.
if i can as a miner i will get those elite mobs and hope i get a shard to make them work for me. Don’t have time for megafauna when doing contracts though so that is kinda bad.

S t e a l t h.


I prefer indirect and subtle methods. Generally, this means poisons, bombs, brainwashed minions, or emagged borgs, though I do occasionally go loud with mechanized weaponry, or when I have a large group of powerful minions.

Depends on my objectives for which approach I take, but I usually prefer to never use my TC unless I absolutely need it as resources gained through the departments I play (service, cargo, and science) tend to be more reliable and less suspicious. I also prefer to stay stealthy to the point where I’ve had multiple rounds where I’ve greentexted and someone mentioned in OOC how they never suspected me of being a traitor all round.

However, if I do have to go loud (because of hijack/martyr, getting outed, or objectives like kill cap and steal HOS gun) I follow a few simple steps.
1- Buy 357 revolver
2- Build autolathe and hack it
3- Print as many 357 speedloaders as the ore silo has metal for until I run out of bag space
4- Become the ranger with the big iron on his hip

Basically, I do the opposite of what’s expected. As a normal traitor, I go loud, make deals with heads to get objectives and if I have no murder objs, I actively help the crew.
With hijack, it’s obvious that something has gone wrong, but you wont know it. Tcomms will go out, plasma will go into the distro, any engineers or sec will be dead, AI will be subverted. I will give myself every crutch and last time I hijacked, no one was suspicious of me until I started beating the shit out of them.

Commit jihad with flash and toolbox

19 tc toolbox and flash = win