Traitorous Gimmicks and Ideas

What are some ideas you’ve wanted to do while being an antagonist—but, either due to you wanting to do your object or other reasons, never do?

Buying the Syndicate balloon always seemed fun.

fusion in the SM

20 char

converting the whiteship into a bluespace bomber
set up a max range launchpad and chemistry setup on the whiteship and go to town

I always wanted to have to set up a trap room by setting up the dragnet to send someone to a room and they have to solve a puzzle to get out before something happens dunno I usually forget I’m an antag during my antag rounds so I never realize I can do it

gondola smoke grenades

heat pipes from the incinerator to the distro pipes.

it’s getting hot in here.

I’ve wanted to set up a booth as a traitor where I get a contractor kit and offer people Cash if they agree to be kidnapped. They get cash, I get TC. I haven’t done it because it would be so obvious that I’d get shot dead within minutes.

Another thing that seems more plausible but I haven’t done yet is to become the world’s most helpful traitor, by Hacking the AI into Crewsinov, Hacking Cargo for Nulls, Giving Sci Syndicate equipment for the Illegal Research, etc.


Fusion in distro

Hypnoflash to make psuedo-revs

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Such a great idea! I do a lot of gimmicks with the Contractor Kit, might try this out :gun:

Step 1) Find feline mutation toxin in botany

Step 2) Make slippery exploding catgirl wheat.

Step 3) Leave it everywhere, all around maint and the hallways.

Step 4) Declare the entirety of the crew as your anime waifus uwu

Step 5) Die a glorious death.

Aka, every botnis round in existence.

take x-4, set the timer to 60 seconds, stick it on a small item, shove the small item in a box, put the box in a bag, place the bag in a strategic location, or if you are too lazy to do that, just drop it down disposals, with a random timer. Be the bomber that is never seen.

Be botany (or break into botany ((OR use the public botany area))), grow 100 potency kudzu, upgrade the seed machine so it gives you like 15 seeds per product. Fill 2 botany satchels with 100 seeds each. Run around planting seeds on the forgotten corners of the station. Watch as everyone dies trying to fight a never ending Kudzu battle against rapidly spreading mutating kudzu. Bonus points if you pretend to help fight it, and grab the seed packet it drops for instant buff kudzu.

Drugs… lots of drugs and explosives… explosives down disposals… big meth bombs…
or you know you could just do some contracts and get more friends.
explosive syringes, poisoned food, proximity bombs in maint and all the other fun stuff too.

X4 on a 30 minute timer with implant surgery?

Rig the disposal system to lead to a teleporter targeting somewhere in space, and shove people into disposals to permanently be rid of them?

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Be malf AI and redirect disposals into a borging factory room filled with N2O

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