Traitor PAI Idea

So, pAIs are now all the craze, especially on sage, and I think that implementing an evil pAI may be fun.
The pAI would be bought with TC and look like and function like a normal pAI, except for it’s programs and that any bot the pAI is put into acts as if it is emaged as long as the pAI is in it. The programs it can install would be slightly edited to be more useful for a traitor.
For example:
Host scan: can also act like a T1 sleeper and inject basic healing chems into the host
Sec/med records: allows the pAI to remotely edit the records as well as viewing them
Encryption keys: allows the pAI to access any one radio frequency without the need of a key
Universal translator: also allows the pAI to change their voice (like syndicate comms agent) but they will keep the robotic text
Digital messenger: the PAI can send out admin messages (once again, like a syndicate comms agent) and thusly forge PDA messages.
Loudness booster: either A. Literally gives the pAI loudvoice B. The music is slightly louder than normal and will cause progressive ear damage to all those in range of it.

Those are just the program ideas that I have, there are certainly a lot more that can be played around with.

Now, there are a lot of things that I know would have to be worked out. Is it too OP? What if the master dies? What if the pAI is stolen? How would this ghost role be separated from the regular pAI ghost roles (some pAI main might not want to be forced to be evil), ect. But I still think it’s a fun idea that may inspire some more roleplay or fun gimmicks.


Alternatively you could buy some sort of Syndicate pAI software chip or something to use on a regular pAI device to make it permanently bound to you, and if it DC’s or you never get to use the chip you get a TC refund. This way ensures that pAI mains don’t have to wait in case any traitors decide to buy a Syndicate-branded pAI, and traitors don’t have to take a gamble to see whether there are any willing Syndie-pAI players.


yeah, that sounds like a pretty good idea
I have I think almost a thousand hours and never played traitor so I’m pretty shaky on how it all works. I imagine it would be a bit similar to a holoparasite though, at least, in concept

Antag rep >9999

Imagine playing a game to be mean to people ;-;
I just wanna vibe and be nice.

Allow them to be put in beepskys.


Allow them to be put in ED-209s



Traitor pAIs


Talking retractable hardlight sword that does 30 brute plus all the functions of a pAI with 200 Memory.