Traitor Backstories Feedback Thread

Please use the in-game poll if possible!

Have you played with the new traitor backstory system? Did you find the backstories helpful in your antagonist gameplay?


Tell us your stories on how your round went, and any feedback. Is there any motivations you’d like to add or things you think should change? How useful is this new tool to you?

If you haven’t used it yet, have you noticed people following their backstories when seeing them on the roundend report?


Is it possible to select a backstory like The Machine or The Sadist despite not having a murderbone objective?
I’m assuming it wouldn’t then make you able to murderbone, if so.

Yes, it is possible.

No it does not mean you can murderbone.

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I can’t wait to FINALLY have justification for turning myself into DIO via xenobiology and fucking with security until they finally kill me. Then coming back and doing it all again.

I think the system is fun, althought i only interacted with it once.

I had DAGD and so the quantity of options I had was very limited (they were only 5 I think)

I felt like non of them fit my character well so I went with the sadist and played a sort of Yandere character.

It did end up shaping my character for the future and my characters relationships with other characters, which means the system is fun and enchiched my experience.

It did force me to think a bit more than I usually do, which is nice.

On another topic, how interested would you be in expanding this into more tangible territory?

Like Independents and Black market getting different uplinks and different uplink items and stuff like that, to really mark a difference?

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how to do it? was it just added?

Did you pick Independent? There’s only a few of that because Independent traitors are fundamentally self-motivated.

Otherwise, the ‘murderbone’ backstories are just recommendations. You can always pick something else.

This is also why there are arrows at the top of the backstory selection to change factions, since each faction has a different set of allowed backstories.

It’s testmerged. It pops up immediately when you become a traitor.

oh yeah! I did! I felt it was the only thing would make sense!

But regarding what I said about the uplinks, what do you think?

I’m not against it I’m just not interested in personally adding it at the moment.

There’s now an in-game poll for this.

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The issue with giving different uplink items to them is that people will pick those factions for mechanical reasons instead of RP reasons, and it would shift it from a less RP-oriented system.


Maybe a better alternative would be simple reskins for different factions on some popular items like the hardsuits and emags? It’s definetly a wysi problem though :b


I don’t mind spriting it


I agree but i also would like to see mechanical effects to choosing your contractor

I love this, having some kind of backstory helped me when making my gimmick. Getting DAGD as Quartermaster really made me want to do a getto cargonia revolution with a hypnoflash, so i chose The Savior backstory. Too bad i was foiled at any and all attempts at conversions. Ended up having to spend 45 minutes in brig because of it, which made me loose all my gear and made me pretty sour, so i ended up releasing a singulo which killed nearly everyone and destroyed 93% of the station.

Death is preferable to being a Nanotrasen slave.

props to Brawler for this renaissance-esc picture


even though your plan failed you made Jacob David have a fun “Breaking News” character arc. And ended up getting hypnoflashed by mistake by sec and getting his brian fudged further haahhaha



That was a highlight of my day, well done singlo. But my real highlight of the day wasn’t on bee. It was when I randomly got apprentice on reborn and learned solely from the quack. We drank a bunch of rum and when people came for help we tried our best to save them but had a lot of bodies since we ran dry on blood. I had a great time.