TottalyNotC banned by MrEloda with auth from Rukofamicon

CKEY: TottalyNotC

Admin’s CKEY: MrEloda / Rukofamicon

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Golden

Ban Type: Game

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06.11.2020

Round ID: 17096

Ban Reason: As an assistant, killed HoP just to break into armoury. Dragged his body to medbay after getting bwoinked. Already has a ton of notes for similar behaviors. auth: Ruko

Appeal Reason: The ban reason is absolute dogshit. Here’s why:
1)The HoP literally had cap’s antique laser, and it is an objective for antags, which makes you valid, even if he was the “acting cap”. Furthermore, he can’t really walk into the armory with self-given AA as Head of Personnel. He is not sec, nor is he the captain, so being inside the armory still makes him valid.
2) I did not “kill him to break into armoury”. I had recieved AA from Nan Kelliday long before that encounter, and if i wanted to go to the armory, i could pretty much just walk right in.
3)I tried to get him to sec’s infirmary to defib him even before i got bwoinked, but i got stopped by the ai that bolted us and turned off the power in brig. I got out of the room when the ai eventually unbolted the room so the detective could get us, only to bolt it back in, so even after me and Owen explained the situation to sec, the body was locked away from us with no way of getting to it. When i got to it, it was already too late, so after i failed to defib it, i took it to med.

Additional Information: bruh
Oh, i would also like to note that MrEloda initially bwoinked me saying that i “stuffed hop’s body into a locker so they couldnt be cloned”, which literally didnt fucking happen. I honestly have zero idea what the absolute fuck he was talking about, but he sounded very serious about it; even told me to “stop being a dick”.


My specific questions revolved around whether you had validity for the kill or not before giving auth, Captain’s laser would qualify for that.


I was there that round, during this happening. This should honestly be an admin report.

HoP had the cap’s laser gun roundstart (antag objective, so either self-antag or antag and valid) and tried to yoink the entire armory into a locker and take it away. HoP isn’t hopcurity. He gave himself AA but renamed it HoP and didn’t communicate anything to crew.

Tia and I both had AA and didn’t need to kill HoP to break in, we were literally walking in when we saw him do his shit. Tia and I also tried to clone him but muh silicon prevented this by bolting the HoP’s dying body breaking Law 1, even ignoring requests.

We also communicated with security what happened and they chilled and we tried to work together. All in all IC and the only one at fault was the HoP and the jannies bruh.


cool, so eloda didnt fucking listen to the shit i said in the ahelps, epic


At work, so no log access.
Pinged @MrEloda

HoP even had it on his armor slot or belt because you could see it when inspecting him lmao

hopcurity steals caps laser and bumrushes the armory
i get bwoinked for “hiding his body in a locker so he couldnt be cloned” while deadass tryin to drag his ass to the medbay

trialmin moment

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did you mention the laser in the ticket, C?

i sure did, told him that he was valid both for having the laser and stealing shit from the armory

ok based Tian

also bro what weapon did you use to kill him
you know, using melee against a literal fucking retard (hopcurity) is the most efficient way of cum

anyway i guess the mass admin approval wasnt so good after all, having brainded mins is, sometimes, not better than not having staff online


i fucking pummeled him with my bare hands


Logs acquired, filtering and sorting

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please im suffering from spaceman game withdrawal



Checked the logs, HoP was acting valid-y, so while I dislike validhunting, it is valid to validhunt on LRP.
It also makes you valid.

It does not validate a ban. I don’t magically become valid to admins for validhunting.


what’s your point

I was agreeing with you that this didn’t require a ban.

This was IC on LRP.
If you logged onto LRP, you would not find yourself banned.

MrEloda has been demoted and also i gave AA to tiana as he mentioned. Behavior like this is acceptable in LRP

Ok, gotcha. Sorry if i came off as a bit agressive.

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